Friday, October 21, 2005


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I am typing this long before I'll actually post it. The MOG woke me up
by turning on the blinding light to find his shoes.

I knew it would be a relief to get past 24 weeks. I did not know how
much. It's like the proverbial weight off the shoulders. I still have a
while to go. But that hurdle was the key one for me... I am so grateful
to have this chance. I think in a few weeks I'll actually realize
there's a baby involved!

R2 is crashed out in the bunk bed with Woody. Mama is drying her hair.
Richy (the MOG) is on the jetties praying and taking a LOT of pictures
of birds and crustaceans and of course, the water.
The only bummer about our vacation was internet access... I know I'm a
dork but when you live with dial-up, high speed is a pretty exciting
offer. So, to only have high speed at the pool and it doesn't work a
lot of the time is kinda a bummer. Richy went in the lobby last night
and he said there's a lightning fast connection in there. But who wants
to hang out in the hotel lobby on vacation??
Once he gets back from the mountain, we're supposed to go try the
continental breakfast. I have had quite a few CB's in my day... Radiant
has a term for the "poor" ones... Just bread and maybe a couple circa
1980 bagels.... and some suspicious jelly. Or good ones... do it
yourself waffles and yogurt and various cereals, plus bagels and bread
and fruit. Or AMAZING ones where there is a free breakfast buffet. I
don't remember that city, or that church, or anything... just the free
breakfast buffet. We were all up bright and early and ate with great
So we'll see how the Victorian rates...

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