Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Happy Birthday Larry Reichert and ol' Chris Columbus day, officially

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The fiction lecture seems to be a hit. I think I will make it a weekend
I am currently working on composing a birthday list. It's difficult as
it seems right now that I will always be pregnant and on bedrest. So
that really limits the gift ideas. But I am putting the old percolator
to work and thinking of some stuff. If you want a list, email me.

Daniel "The Dream" Mathews bought me a porch swing. At some point,
hopefully today, it will be assembled and I shall go and porch. Very
Note here that I have used porch as a verb. It sounds good. Maybe a
little Amish. I like it when they say I took her to wife. As a verb.
What does it mean, exactly? How do you wife a woman? Should I ask?
I wifed her. I wived her. She has been wifed.
We won't talk about my dreams as they are crazy magical adventures here
in the almost 6th month of pregnancy... strange.
Maybe a music lecture would be in order, some day. I have some rhymes
that I see pretty consistently.
This is the point during childhood when one parent or another would put
down their fork and say "JESSICA. Shut UP and eat!"
Good advice, that. See ya in a few. Unless I get porched or wifed.

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