Sunday, October 23, 2005

fiction lecture 3,457

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I think I may go to church today. So the lecture begins now.
The subject of today's lecture is Dee Henderson. Dee writes romantic
suspense.... usually cop/military types falling in love despite
themselves and then getting blown up, etc.
They never planned to fall in love. Especially the men. Because the
country is too important, darnit, and they might have to sacrifice
themselves for the good of mankind. But then they meet her. And she is
one tough cookie. Dee's women just step right over the bodies and keep
going. Of course, later they can't sleep and the guys have to take them
horseback riding or make popcorn or something. Because she has to have
a vulnerable side. And she never meant to fall in love. Love is messy,
and her family is dysfunctional or something. But then the terrorists
come or her plane crashes or somebody tries to kill her and what can
you do? You have to survive. So you can get shot and kidnapped and so
forth but you're tough as nails. Then he comes and rescues you. And he
is VERY angry because you should not have gotten shot or kidnapped. And
you are so tired and worn out from getting shot you show your
vulnerable side and let him kiss you. But really, you have every
intention of going back to Bosnia or Chicago and showing that villain
what's UP.
And nobody (except the villains) ever makes a selfish decision. It's
God mom and apple pie... just the way it has to be.
But they come to some kind of agreement and get married and then in the
next book they get pregnant and are just a side story.
But America will be okay because you have cousins, or brothers or
something who plan never to fall in love.

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