Thursday, October 13, 2005

hangin out

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Last night (actually starting at 4) Richy went out and I decided to
keep R2 because... I'm feeling much better and I didn't want to be
lonely. It's strange how someone who doesn't actually talk to you can
be a good companion.

We laid around for a while, then somebody brought dinner. So we scarfed
that down.... very little conversation. Then "we" made some brownies.
(yesterday I got to go inside Dollar General for about 10 minutes and
pick my own groceries.. first time in 2 months I've been in a store....
and no contractions! And of course I got brownie mix)
So we made the brownies and he got to hold the spoon although he was
too excited to stir. He just held it there and flapped wildly with his
other hand. Big help.
Then we watched Everybody Loves Raymond which I laugh hard at so he
laughs when I laugh. I was laying on his bed because we moved the TV in
there. He did not want to sit on his bed. He sat in his chair, thank
And after that it was still going to be a long time before R1 was home
so he watched Wheel of Fortune.... I don't know what I did. Ah-
Then we watched the Astros game. In its entirety. Which I have never
done before and it wasn't that interesting... but whatever. And the
game was very exciting to R2 because people throw balls, and run , and
sometimes everybody claps. Good stuff. Still not touching his bed.
Then it was finally over and I suggested he lay down which was quite
offensive but Mr. Giraffe talked him into it...
Back to my room to hang out with Ol Ted Dekker until the old man came
home to tell me about his Recording magazine focus group or

and that is one episode in my thrilling life. Hope you enjoyed it.

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