Thursday, August 11, 2005

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woke up today because R2 turned on the TV... We're in a hotel in
Houston. There was nothing fit for him to watch, so now he's arguing
loudly with Woody by the mirrored closet.

Yesterday we went to the zoo. I rode in a wheelchair. I've never ridden
in a wheelchair before and it's pretty uncomfortable. It's hot cause
it's vinyl and no air gets around you.... and cobblestones can be
pretty rough. Also, you have to have somebody hold doors open all the
time, and kind of jump the doorway frame thing.

We were hoping R2 would be really excited, but most of the animals were
too far away. He did get to see a lot of fish, and some large birds.
Oh the little orangutan was SOOOO cute. He was climbing all over his
little jungle gym. And the big one was just hanging out. Then the
zookeeper threw them some popsicles, and they hunkered down in the
corner to enjoy...
And of course the lions were beautiful. They're my favorite.
We went to the petting zoo, but that was a little concerning. He didn't
really want to touch the animals. Hey, I understand!
The neatest part was when he saw the giraffe... It was so huge and he
was so little. He stood right by the glass and looked up and watched it
for a long time.

And we went to an Astro's game. We sat way up in the 4th level but
right behind home plate. And really, we could see really good. I
enjoyed it a lot. It's my second game, and baseball is one sport where
at least I understand the rules. I had some VERY expensive
And the Astros won! So that was pretty fun. Then we lost the car and
walked around in Scary World for what seemed like a long time. When we
finally found it, I was so wiped out we decided maybe not to do much
But our hotel is close to IKEA. and it beckons me. And Shipleys.
beckoning fiercely.

I have now been married 9 years, It's been good. I can't really say
it's been fun... because the last 6 years have had so much tragedy. But
I can say there's nobody I'd rather walk it with.

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