Monday, August 1, 2005

Trip to the hospital

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I went in to the doctor today to try to identify some pains I've been
having.... she wanted to see me when I described them.
Turns out it's round ligament pain, just normal stretching...
but then she sent me to the hospital for a heavy duty ultrasound... to
check out everything and to see if I may benefit from a cerclage.
cervicalcerclage.html )
I thought I was cool and collected the whole time but then I melted
down in traffic and cried all the way home. It was good, though.
Cathartic. (plus Richy was driving, so it was safe, too.)
I guess I'll find out tomorrow if she wants to do the cerclage. I am
emotionally ok now. We had a prayer meeting/service tonight and it was
very refreshing.

More tomorrow on how often the word "cervix" can fit in an average


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