Sunday, August 14, 2005

R2 sayings...

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( I'm sure the attentive world wide web, all 3 of you, would like to
hear from myself )

I have recently been taking note of funny things R2 says. Recently his
ramblings have been making more sense... sort of ..

While in the waiting room recently I asked R2 as he was singing and
"talking" excitedly , "What's going on in your head?"
He looked up at me and said "Peanut Butter ... (then pauses)... in my
head" That made me laugh out loud.

A few days ago he came up to Jessica in the living room and said, "Hi
Jessica" Jess says, "no, my name is mommy."
R2 replies, "No, ..... Jessica."

He always loves to pick a fight, most of the time when I walk into the
room he pushes me and taunts , "You don't want to fight ME"
Once I crush him like a butter finger wrapper, he then has the nerve to
come back for some more. If Jess and I are laying in bed with
R2 between us, we will both ask for kisses, sometimes mommy gets a
kiss and daddy get a "punch in the face."

In public Richy seems pretty shy, but when He's just with mommy and
daddy, he's a crazy dancing, rapping, fighting, kissing fool.

- Richy ( the one that can use a computer )

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