Wednesday, August 31, 2005

my plan today

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Today Richy and Juan are working on the house. They're framing a door
and cutting out a window....
maybe working on the deck.
It is very interesting to me to watch these guys work. I will be moving
my station into the living room to observe. Until they cut out a window
over my couch. I probably have to leave then.
I watched while they built this place, and it really is amazing to see
it all come together. I'm welcome to stay and watch as long as I only
speak when I'm spoken to. If I talk too much Juan says I'm distracting
his workers.
He yells at them but he always says it very nicely to me.

Richy talks as he works... about measurements and tools and plans for
looking out the window, etc. Juan doesn't talk much. When it's all
finished we all say how beautiful it all looks and he looks pleased and
then goes back to his house to watch football, if it's late. If it's
early he goes and works on something else.

I'm getting used to this medicine. I shake most of the time and I
always feel a little jumpy and sped up, but it seems to be working as
far as contractions... so ok. I probably act kind of like my dad's
final cat, Tut.

OHHHH and Andy and Beth brought enchiladas last night! YAY! They were

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