Monday, August 15, 2005

Talking on the phone

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I hate talking on the phone. I mean, really hate it. Email has saved my
life as far as being able to talk to people.
I used to drive places and see people, but now I live in Midway. I
don't have the energy to drive ALL the way to Conroe, much less
If someone calls me and leaves a message, I assess. When will I see
this person again? In 3 days? Then I will answer this question then.
One of the worst phone offenses. (no one take offense) is when some
great tragedy is happening, and everyone says "So, call me when
your.... (dad dies, coma ends, car finally falls off the cliff edge)."
This has always puzzled me. Do other people like to talk on the phone?
It must be the case.
Sometimes the phone rings and rings. And I think, I should go and get
that. But it might be someone wanting to talk. You know, just catch up.
Well, that's another awkward situation. When people say, what have you
been up to? And I have laid in bed for 5+ hours, read a few books,
maybe made a couple PBJs.... on an exciting day I go to HEB and buy
more cilantro, Do people want to know this?
Sometimes, I want to know something, Hmm... I wonder if Leah had her
baby.... I toy with the idea of using the phone. I could CALL Leah. But
then I think, no, someone will call me. Hopefully Nate.
Nate is my favorite person to talk to on the phone. Here's how it goes.
Me: Yeah
Nate: You guys doing anything?
Me: No
Nate: Let's eat at Fuddruckers at 1
Me: Ok
Nate: Bye

and that's an EXTENSIVE conversation. No how are you? No how do you
feel today? No so, what have you been doing?

anyone who calls me and asks questions, this is not aimed at you. It's
just a cosmic reflection of my phone issues.

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