Tuesday, August 9, 2005


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Tomorrow is our 9th anniversary... we're thinking about hitting the
road for a few weeks...
We want to spend some time in DC with Lou E and the Cause. So the plan
is to drive there, taking our time. We'll stay with friends and camp.
The peanut-butter head will come with us.

Yes, I said camp. I am willing to do this because I want a vacation
real bad. Plus it might be fun with just us. (as opposed to a whole
band, no offense, guys)
PLUS there is the marshmallow factor. Which is high on my list of
camping priorities.
so today we're supposed to plan and see how feasible the whole thing
is... how many days, where we would stop, how much it would cost...
will anyone want to see us in DC, etc.

Anybody got camping stuff you want to lend out?


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