Saturday, August 27, 2005

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Thursday I started noticing what felt like contractions when I was
lying down.... I wasn't sure because I'm only 16 weeks and they didn't
feel as noticeable as when I usually identify them at 20 or more weeks.
But, they continued, so I called my doctor yesterday and she had me
come up to the hospital to Labor and Delivery where they have all the
monitoring equipment.
My contractions aren't painful... they're just like when your stomach
tightens because you're nervous or something.
So, they put me on the monitor and I was having small contractions very
frequently. They continued to monitor me all day. Part of their
strategy for me has been progesterone injections, which are supposed to
relax the uterus so it's less likely to contract. I was supposed to
start getting weekly injections this past week. But the company got all
tangled up in insurance paperwork, so they never came and gave me the
The nurse will be here today to give me the first one.
Also, they put me on a medication called Terbutaline.... which is
another contraction stopper. It speeds up your heart rate, so you have
to take your pulse before you take it... very interesting taking my
pulse. I've never done it before. It's supposed to have a side effect
of making you feel jittery, but I didn't really notice too much
difference! My hands shake a little but basically I feel ok.
So that was my official intro to bedrest. I can still get up to go to
the bathroom, etc. for a few weeks before I'm completely grounded.
Oh, and very good news is I had an ultrasound and my cervix (sorry mom)
is still in good shape so the contractions I had didn't affect it. YAY

Thank you so much, everybody for praying. The whole situation turned
around after my mom started calling people to pray. I went hours
without a contraction!
And continue to pray!

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