Wednesday, August 24, 2005

R2 Skills

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"Girls like a guy with skills" - N.D.
Some may think my son Richy (how can I say this politically correct)
may have some minor defects in his makeup. However, I have found him
to be a hidden genius. Here are a few skills I have discovered in the
last few years.

Richy is very good at knocking on doors.
Richy can throw away his own diaper in the trash. ( How many of you
can do that? )
Richy is an excellent debater. ( "no, you are a cheeseburger" )
Richy knows how to give a guy some "trouble." ( i.e. He's a mini Hulk
Hogan )
Richy can sing in key about any KSBJ song you like, or even don't like.
Richy can scream real loud.
Richy understands sarcasm. ( He's the son of the queen of sarcasm )
Richy knows how to get down. ( that is, dance 'till ya drop )
Richy can almost quote the entire "Toy Story 2" film. ( even carrying
on conversations with Wood and Buzz)
and finally Richy knows how to give some "loves." ( look out ladies )

- The Other Richy...

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