Tuesday, August 2, 2005


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Well, Dr Reed called today and my cervix is ok. So no cerclage for me.
YAY! You know, the less surgery I have to have, the better.

Now, for that discussion.
It's just kind of funny. I guess because I'm something of a public
person at church and everywhere. But I find I have to discuss my
internal workings with everyone. "Well, pastor, my cervix is doing
well, thanks."
Last week a stranger (male) asked the cause of my preterm deliveries.
And I just couldn't do it... I just said something like "Oh, all my
deliveries were early" or something.
Imagine, if you will, being 20 something and spending most of your time
with 20 something males. Poor Radiant has anatomy awareness they never
bargained for. All because someone will randomly ask "what's a cervix?"

Maybe a nametag. Hi, I'm Jessica. Ask me about my cervix!

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