Friday, February 29, 2008

Prince Harry the soldier

Prince Harry fights in Afghanistan. This story broke yesterday on Drudge Report. If you don't know Drudge, he's a maverick in the news business... he runs that site, and he has the news consistently before anyone else. He became famous for breaking the Lewinsky/Clinton story back in the day.

Anyway, the synopsis of this Harry story is, Prince Harry (Diana's younger son) joined the army last year... maybe 2 years ago, I'm not sure. And he wanted to go and fight in the war. But they wouldn't let him go to Iraq because he's 3rd in line for the throne and it was too much of a security risk.

Then, about 3 months ago, he is deployed and secretly goes to fight on the front lines in Afgahnistan. And get this- the government over there made a deal to keep it hush-hush. Their reporters have known about this and did not tell. Also, the men that he's fighting beside did not leak the news. Amazing. I can't believe they got that kind of cooperation from the media. Of course, the minute the American press heard about it, it was international news.

Part of me is annoyed with Drudge for breaking the story, because now Harry has to stop being a regular guy and go back to the palace and the constant scrutiny. On the other hand, somebody was going to report this, and Drudge makes a career of knowing before anyone else.

Then there's an element of why did Harry have to go over there when he puts everyone around him in danger just by virtue of being such a large target? He has expressed frustration with the royal life, and he just wants to be able to live normally. But is there an obligation by being royal to be responsible? I don't know.

And then I feel sorry for him, because he is not able to do what he wants to with his life, and now he has to come home because his cover's been blown.

Oh, and evidently he was an awesome soldier. Led 3 missions and whatnot. Di's boys are already international heartthrobs... this makes Harry even more so.

Anyway, it's very interesting.


  1. Wow, this Friday before 3pm & Jess has blogged!!!!

  2. I saw the story. It thought all the same things you did- too bad he can't be 'normal' and do what he wants, he is a big target so I understand brining him home now that it's blown, and shame on the media for being at the mercy of the government.

    I'm actually not surprised that London got the media to not report it. The US media has kept things out of the news many times because the White House "requested" it. You find out TWO YEARS later when Drudge or someone finally gets the story and it's blown that CNN or NY Times had the story, but Bush or the Pentagon didn't want it ran. The US media gets a ton of cash, by way of getting to report on things, by being friendly with the government. 'Free press' or 'special interest press'?

  3. My team was told this morning that my manager, who has been battling cancer for over a year and thought he was getting better, died Wednesday. I’ve only been under him for two years and since I work at a different site, I haven’t talked to him a whole lot (We have another manager that I report directly to.) Don was very personable and I’ve heard stories about how he really cared about his employees. Most of my team has had him as a manager for many years, and the team is very close. The news is very hard for many of them, so you can keep them and Don’s family in prayer. From how Don talked at times, and from knowing some of his life style, I would say that he was not a Christian.

  4. Hi everyone! So I just got home from having my ultasound and it's a GIRL! Just thought I would share the news.

  5. Congratulations! Poor Adam...

  6. Congrats! Matt and Adam can hold their place!

  7. Speaking of breaking news, the Air Force is about to start press confrence to announce the winner of the $40 billion contract and the Wall Street Journal just put out that 'sources' are saying the Europe company got it. Lets hope they are wrong!

  8. Speaking of breaking news, the Air Force is about to start press confrence to announce the winner of the $40 billion contract and the Wall Street Journal just put out that 'sources' are saying the Europe company got it. Lets hope they are wrong!

  9. Boeing didn't get it-- given to a Europian company that will do only the final "snap together" in Alabama. Made in Europe, snapped together in the US.

  10. I am sorry about that Josh, I know that would have been good for Boeing and you.-G

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  12. Hello Josh, to answer your old... question from the other day. It would be nice if this is the year for a house. Honestly I don't really care either way other than the fact that I really want a house wood or tile floors because carpet is GROSS! But we received a prophetic word that this is the year for God to get us a house! So why not!

    Oh By the way, Billy and Kyle came over sat night! And randy had lunch with them sat. Be praying God is pulling in both of there hearts and they are running to randy to hear truth. They beg for it then after a while say... ok lets change the subject! Then later come back for more :-) I think also they are looking and seeing randy and I are the ONLY couple that are still married from our whole group in high school. And the ONLY ones that are still serving God... coincidence? I think not. Oh Doug and Tay… they have made it too “ and are serving God” hmmmm maybe there is something to this whole Jesus King of Kings thing :-)


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