Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Tuesday Eve

Not doing the creative writing today... I need to talk politics. Continue to submit ideas, if you want. I'll do it one day this week when God smiles on me and Tobias takes a nap.
Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, and for the first time since I was 18, I'm at a loss. I won't vote for McCain. He supports embryonic stem cell research, which is abortion. I have a couple of friends who have had "snowflakes". These are frozen embryos adopted by infertile couples. I have pictures and life stories of embryos- leftover embryos who were adopted, and carried... they are children. Beautiful, normal children. Embryos are NOT tissue, and they are not expendable. There's a lot in there, and I know for some it's controversial. The fact is, there are tons of frozen embryos in the United States. And they deserve life, just like we do. (if you want more info about embryo adoption and stem cell research, lemme know)
So McCain is OUT.
And Huck... good ol Huck is not doing great. I mean, he's third. Which, all things considered, is still in the race. But lagging enough that a vote for him might be a vote for McCain. So that leaves Romney as the second placer. And really, I don't have big problems with Romney. Except the fact he's a Mormon. That makes me a little nervous. But he's pro-life. And actually, pretty darn conservative.
So that is the quandary. Tomorrow we vote. And I don't know who I'm voting for.

In other news, the underdogs won the Super Bowl. I was actually rooting for the Patriots... I wanted them to make history. But you have to understand, I root for them by looking up from my book at intervals and seeing if "my team" is ahead. So Richy was happy that it was a happening game and in the end the Giants had a big upset and won the whole darn thing.

Anyways, tomorrow go and vote. I'll tell you who I end up voting for in the end...


  1. Hey BABY!

    I will...........IF I can figure out where I vote....they changed it...and I do not have time to hunt.....and find on the way to I will used to be the Firehouse real close right down the road in CUTnShoot..

  2. vkg! we don't vote tomorrow, do we? i think we vote in March!

    on a Tuesday in March

    we'll see

  3. so now I have no excuse....

    that gives me plenty of time to find out where.........

  4. You are correct, mamapc, we do vote in March. For those of you who live here in Montgomery County, Texas, go to
    to find out where you vote. it's very user friendly.

  5. Texas people vote in March

  6. ok. then I'll have to pick your candidate... :)

  7. Washington has a caucus Feb 5th and a primary Feb 19th. The caucus decides 49% and the primary 51%. Nice and simple.

  8. when you type the word "darn" the "r" runs into the "n" and it looks like a much more demonstrative word

    voting is such a priviledge

  9. darn
    do u mean it looks like dam
    like hoover dam

    very demonstrative indeed


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