Monday, February 18, 2008

Last week, I guess Friday, R2 was out playing in the backyard and he drove his little car into a rut. He then proceeded to get very very mad and bash his head into the steering wheel approximately 5000 times (exaggeration) before I made it across the yard to stop him. At the time it was pretty crushing to me, I hate it when he hurts himself. Now, it's just one of those things... you deal with with a special needs kid.
The problem is, he bruised his head pretty magnificently. As in, a dark oval bruise going from his hairline to the top of his nose. He looks like a Klingon. He doesn't appear to be in any pain... he has forgotten about it. But we, the family are probably sequestered here all week until it heals... the police and whatnot.
Last night we went out to eat to celebrate our tax return... we made him wear a baseball cap. He really hated it. But he wore it.

I don't know how we're going to teach him to cope with his frustration... we will have to figure out something. One thing that occurs to me, is controlling MY frustration... when I knock into things 10000 times a day, when I drop dishes, etc.

So that's that. A week in. Maybe I will finally go through all the clothes and get rid of stuff. More stuff. Again.


  1. Do not even think about it....

    Woodlands exceptions

  2. vkg? what are you talking about?

    tax return???

    my man won't let the gov't have our money all year long...

  3. Man, that sounds really bad about R2 hiting his head on things. I didn't know he was doing that. Smart to stay out of public, that would draw some attention for sure.

    We had our tax return before the end of January. Boeing gives them mid-January online to those that opt to get them online as incentive to save them printing and postage. I filed the same day and we had our return a week later. I got a lot back, so I'm adjusting my withholding to get more throughout the year. I could net $200.00 a month more and still get a small return... that money is needed more during the year!

  4. Awesomeness! Boeing's profit sharing plan is paying us 15 days of extra pay this Thursday! That's 3 weeks of pay extra because the company did so good last year. Big blessing!

  5. ok

    have you seen THIS MOVIE???


    Martian Child

    we all are still talking about it (me, LinC,HanC,PappyC and jC)

    please go rent it and then let me know what you think

    very very very very very good... and we don't promote very many movies, do we...

  6. MamamaPC

    We have a pick up service for R2R.

    She said she might be cleaning out a few closets and stuff.


    I am glad that I do not have my money all year long......I have gotten used to nice returns .....
    so I let them take extra money out every payday so that I will be sure and get a return.

    One year I filled out my W-4 form exactly like the work sheet says that you should and I ended up having to pay pay pay........

    Ever since then, I use it like a non-interest paying savings account. I sent my return off January 10th or something rediculouse like that....and have already received it.

    HUGS and KISSES...........

    April April April........

    I am not going anywhere in March.....

    I am saving up my bday and leave time so that I can come April to KC.

    It is going to be weird to stay home the entire month of March...
    the best month of the year....the most awesome celebration of the day in a land far far away that the best Bedste ever was born. This is a celebration that begins February 28th......but this year it begins on February 29th....

    I am so excited!

    Right around the corner......

    10 more days after today!

  7. u r giving the govt an interest free loan of YOUR money all year. gotta adjust those withholdings.
    all you do is fill out a new W2 form according to how much your return is each year (so you will get that money each paycheck instead of waiting 12 months). If that money was in a REAL investment all year, it can EARN you money instead of the govt's pocket.

  8. Josh,
    Boeing is sharing the wealth. I wonder what percentage of the profits is the bonuses...

    economic thinker question:

    1. how is profit calculated?
    2. which part of calculation includes salaries?

  9. we get child tax credits out the wazoo... they don't withhold that much

  10. Beth- I don’t know exactly what percentage is the bonus, but they set the profit sharing requirement higher each year (i.e. - the company has to hit a higher mark of profitability this year for the payout to be 15 days again). Last year the payout was 12 days, the mark was set higher and we hit 15 days, so the company did very well. If we ‘meet expectations’ we get 10 days, and more if the profits ‘exceed expectations’.

    Jess- I’m figuring in the child tax credit in my withholding adjustment. Basically, I’ll get the child tax credit during the year and have a small return when I file.

  11. Revenue - Expenses = Profit

    which part (R - E = P) is salary included in?

  12. and first day of Early Voting today in Texas

  13. Salary is part of expense. Salary is single largest expense most companies have, Boeing included. This is what has fueled the increase in offshoring of work, to lower the expense of labor (salary).

    (note: I don’t agree with the practice of offshoring work.)

    Happy Birthday, Layla.

    Go vote, Texas!

  14. so, companies want to have expenses go down
    and revenue go up, what does that mean for salaries?

    the average salary ($27,000) has stayed flat for the last 14 years
    with an average pay increase of 1.1%. What is the inflation rate?
    Compared to inflation, are families losing ground or gaining ground?


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