Friday, February 8, 2008

Today I cleaned the garage. Ho-hum, you might say, so what? A box or two, a shovel.

Uh. NO. Maybe you missed the video tour of my house. I moved A LOT of boxes, and a refrigerator. The MOG called me She-Ra. Thank ya, thank ya verr much.

Unfortunately, I misjudged how much room we needed for the ol' new minivan. So I wil have to do a little more shuffling to accomplish our final goal: be able to close the garage WITH the van inside.

Ah, controversy gets the blog hopping. I love it. Carry on, anonymous rabble-rousers!

And it's Friday, so hit me with your suggestions for my creative writing topic... I'll pick one for next week, probably not on Monday.


  1. chasing tobs must be building ur muscles

    good 4 u

  2. creative writing:

    how 'bout you write about what it would be like if you were an elephant mom, with three elephant children...

    in china

  3. I'm a pepper,
    your a pepper,
    we're all peppers....

  4. I wasn’t planning to post anything political today, but I just wanted to offer a video to watch of Ron Paul speaking at 8,500 people at Liberty University. In the first couple minutes he talks about his faith, and that “at the age of 14, I committed my life to Christ as my Savior,” and abortion. Here’s the link.

    Click here, yo.

    If you want to watch more of what he stands for on many other subjects, here’s the other parts of his speech:

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

  5. Keith rolled out of his bed last night onto the hardwood floor and bloodied his nose, so he went face first into the floor. He was very upset and afraid to get back in bed. It was 1.5 hours before he got back in bed and fell asleep. Poor fella.

  6. poor keith poor baby

    maybe u should put something on the floor in front of his bed to cushion a possible future fall out of bed

    pillows - foam mattress - a pile of blankets

  7. how does a person motivate his/her self to clean a garage or closet or whatever?

    it's a hard task

  8. What a wonderful way to earn money!

    Joy Joy JOY!

    Everyone is jumping on the Trampoline and giggling...

    gotta go ...soak em all up......LOL

  9. how are you earnin' money, vkg? babysitting your grandkids???

    one day i shall have a few

  10. Keith's crib converted into a day bed, but it didn't come with a rail that covers 3/4th the way to guard him from falling out. We just bought a nice piece of wood at Lowe's today. I'm going to cut it and round the edges tomorrow and attach it to the bed. He'll be able to crawl in and out, but won't roll out. We'll probably find some child safe stain and stain it to match the bed later.

  11. Yes Yes Yes..........

    Arberto bribed me and I took the bait.....

    I negotiated and ended up the winner............

    WIN WIN.........

    Anytime I am offered money to do what I love to do.......chances are I will go for it.....unless
    exhausted...or sick. :0)

  12. Hey, Jess,

    Why didn't you come to Lacy's shower today at Lamadeline's?-G

  13. Someone said to me that you were there in spirit.

    All I can say to that is ( Yeah! Right?)-G

  14. Too busy going to borders and Starbucks?


  15. What do you got to say for yourself, Tobs? Huh?



    Cat got all yall's tongues?


  16. Well then I am NOT coming to Bean's birthday then!-G

  17. sisters, sisters....

    hey, jess

    i hear richy and saw you up in our loft - hannie's in the rade meeting

    i havn't been back up there but i hear richy's voice up there

    how's thangs?

  18. bean's party was tonight, where were you G?

  19. My heart is all warmed up.......

    I love you guys and I miss you all.

    I now have a user name incase Tobias has another dirty diaper anytime soon.



    What a beautiful way to spend my evening......I am so encouraged and excited.

    I saw everyone of my babies this weekend.......

    The things I used to take for granted....

    All three of my sons are blooming..

    God is so AWESOME......

  20. Writing subject for Jess:

    Tell us about the worst thing you ever forgot or forgot to do.



  21. jESS,

    How old were you when you first KNEW that God had a purpose for your life, and what were you doing at that time?

  22. wow
    never knew lacy got married
    how cool
    when is the baby due

  23. Who are you anon that asks about Lacy? are you NOrahssivad?

    She got married last September and the baby is due in April. She is very happy most of the time. I think it was a good move for Lacy.


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