Thursday, February 28, 2008

Brynn is pukey. What are the odds... yesterday was the first day she ever sat up in the basket part at Walmart. And of course she put her mouth on the bar, we don't have a cover yet. Then she wakes up puking last night... sigh.
I received the offering, and told the MOG to turn on the light.. and there she is, in our bed... sicky and all wet and SMILING. She was so happy to see us... what a cutie. Anyhoo, that's the deal-eo today. Puke. I feel a little nauseous myself, talking about it.


  1. Ah man, that's bad! We have a cart cover for Keith, and you can feel people looking as they walk by as you're putting it on sometimes, but Keith likes it and it keeps him from germ-o-ville.

    Cute that she was happy to see you!

  2. I read that article about the robot killers.... yep, we're toast!

  3. Someone I work with told me one time that her daugther chewed on a cart bar one time and the next morning she had several sores in her mouth.

  4. Yucky subject. Madison was puking today too. Ate something she was allergic to while she was out with her dad. She got it all over him. I am so glad when she pukes on him instead of me! Serves him right for not checking the label!

    I felt so bad for her she has been out of school for strep throat and just went back today. Hopefully she can go back tommorow. She hates to miss school. She just had strep throat 2 weeks ago. Poor thing catches everything that goes around.

  5. i don't like it when everybody's pukey

    i can smell it from HERE!

    cart bar??? where i come from, we call them buggy handles...

    hey, i was one of the kids - a toddler who FLIPPED the buggy with my two baby sisters IN it!!! i was 3-4, Charm was 2 and Nellie was 1. my mother nearly killed me

    the both just rolled out along with the groceries

    thankfully they didn't get hurt....

    i did, though...


    i'd better get zzz's - time for a road trip

    no, jess, i'm not coming to see you
    (can't stand the smell of puke)
    going to see Pappy's sister

    in OKC

  6. ha ha ha oooooo germyphobes!

    my kid is the one that LICKS the gumball machine at the store, and eats the chicken off the floor at mcdonalds before i can get to him, i'm always telling him "seems like slow motion" NOOOOOO DOOOONNNN'TTTT PUUUUUT THAAAAAT INNNNNN YOUUUUUUR MOOOOOOUUUUTHHHHH!

    but he's a little boy AND HEALTHY AS CAN BE!
    just calls for a little extra hand washing!

    i can't remember the last time i dealt with puke.. i think with him... never! Merci on the other hand " THE FIRST CHILD... aka.... never let her get dirty. which i soooooooo regret cause now i can't get her to play in the grass for anything!!! she was sick all the time! "i think its time for me to make a mud pit and throw her in! how fun! another thing to add to my todo list once we are out of apartment living....

    u know yall are all thinking what a cool mom! ok or what a horrible mother throwing her kid in a mud pit. playing in mud sounds like fun to me!

  7. scratch that.. isaac puked once in two years.. thank you jesus for a healthy boy who licks gumball machines tables, walls and eats bugs and food off the floors!

  8. Crystal- playing in a mud pit does sound like fun! On 'getting out of apartment living'- are you about to move to a house? What's your plans?


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