Thursday, February 21, 2008


I have this thing... strange crying moments. I don't know what it's called.... here's how it goes. I can be watching TV, or out in public, whatever. And I see someone talented. Like a children's dance act or someone singing. And I just start crying.
Here's a weird part. I don't have to like the singer, or whatever. Just something grabs my heart and I cry. Surprises me every time.
I usually feel like a goof, I mean, who cries at Star Search? Or some kid singing the anthem? I do, evidently.

So last night the little guys and I watched Idol. Toby has clear favorites... there's the rocker nurse chick, and he just jumps up and starts busting a groove. I don't like her, but if he could vote...
I think I have an inborn prejudice toward long-haired blonde singers. I automatically don't like 'em. I like sassy black soul singers. Just my .02.

Fear not, readers. My spiritual journey continueth. Updates on that sometime when I have words for it. Peace out.


  1. jess, u should get video of tobs bustin a groovy move

    i would cry

  2. my .02 ¢
    toddlers are ◊ ◊

  3. Josh likes the guy who says "∞ & beyond"

  4. Georgia cries over everything.It is probably genetic. Ma cries with great sentiment over quite a bit, the Democratic convention, Jesse Jackson confessions, Someone promising us socialized medicine, etc. I cry over things sometimes like my light bill, the IRS, a flat tire. It's all good. Tears are good. You are sentimental. A good thing to be, sniff, sniff.Mama

  5. I start to cry when people yell, "I'M DEBT FREE" on Dave Ramsey's radio show!! I'm so happy for their freedom!

  6. I cry whenever I talk about ANYTHING that means a great deal to me.....

    NO MATTER what it is...

    What is up with that?

    Hormones......GOD is even BIGGER than Hormones..I know I know...

  7. I cry over the thought of the world being free of Rat King.

  8. That would make me cry, too. Tears of JOY.

  9. (sniffs)

    cries over this blog

    it just tears me up

    (blows nose)

    it will be hard to wait to see video of tobs bustin a move

    you know what i mean

    man oh man

  10. So........tomorrows BLOG we will all get to see Tobias Paxton shakin it up for AI!

  11. YOu and R1 look so cute together.

    I MIIIIISSSSSS you............all



  12. Toddlers as ◊ ◊ ?

    They must be put through harsh processes: corners cut, roughness smoothed away, before they reflect light most brilliantly.
    A lot of training & correction goin' on with them for the beauty of humility, kindness, & worship to dwell in them.

    & of course, carefully guarded, lest they be lost.

  13. I have a ◊
    precious one

  14. i cry when i can't find anything to wear.. i cry when my pants are too tight... i cry when i watch a baby story, every birth just brings tears, i cry almost every time i watch people worship, i cry when i see people dance, (worship, not BOOTY DANCIN LIKE ON AMERICAN IDOL) I cry when my kids do something new. like Merci's first gymnastics class... yeah i cried. I cry when people get married. I cry when i'm in line at walmart and an old lady cuts me off and jumps in front of me. lol (true story) i cry when i see the schluter girls climb up into there dads lap still. or when i see any daughter father relationship like that. i guess i cry alot.. but most of those are happy cries :-)

  15. OK, a cry confession from a male-

    I've gotten teary many times being happy about new things Keith is doing, or him connecting with me, or being really happy when I show him affection. Like a couple nights ago when I was putting him to bed. After stories and all, he lies down, I kiss him, tell him I love him, etc., and he has this HUGE smile on his face are says some gibberish with a true tone of affection (like he could really feel my love and was responding). Then, at his door I tell him I love him again, and his face lights up with a HUGE smile again and he lets out a little coo because he’s so happy. It got my heart!

  16. thats awesome. what is it about chillins they R awesome

    gotta check out this amazing link. its a video about a test done on the power of our words. words spoken over water and the effect it made once the water was crystallized. at one point they exposed the water to children and it had a beautiful effect too!

  17. Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are. -- Malcolm Forbes

  18. i can relate to all those tearjerkin stories. Cryin is cleansin

  19. i like that quote beth! I see how much i have been speaking so much death over my self. I speak more death over me... than any one else does! so i have decided to walk around saying, "hey whats up i'm crystal and I'm da bomb! no really i don't have to do that... cause i can walk around claiming how great MY GOD IS! he is mine and i'm his! thats something to brag about!

    hey is chris or john going to mens encounter?


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