Wednesday, February 6, 2008

second week o february

I love politics, but I hate conflict. Here's the thing. I am right. And if you're not willing to concede that, insta-conflict. Joking. Mostly.

So today I will away with politics. I will talk about Valentines Day. Because I love it.
I am all about present holidays. Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc. I do not care about materialism, consumerism or the American marketing agenda. I just like presents. Imagine my surprise, when, after years of thinking my love language was quality time, discovered that it was actually gifts. So there you go.
So Valentine's Day. It's a bit of a conflict (cursed brain). On one hand, I am such a romantic. I want chocolates and flowers and sweet talk and candlelight and horsedrawn carriages and what-not. But the other hand finds that funny and cheesy and just a little awkward. Probably I need some inner healing or something. Oh, speaking of inner healing, I start going to a new class/home group next week. I think it's kind of an inner healing thing. I might think it's wussy, considering that I've been through Issues of the Heart 3 times. But it's something, and I need to do something.

Back to V-day. Bean's birthday is the day before, and I and the MOG want to buy her all the sweet little presents in the world. No danger of being spoiled here.


  1. know what Id like for valentines day? for it to be just like any other day. That would be the greatest gift of all. No obligations just pure love... like it always is... right?

  2. I shall be alone on valentine's day. But not a big deal. I have never had high valentine's day expectations. All though last year Matt did pretty good when he suprised me at work with Starbucks and the big box of Godiva chocolates! My favorite! So with Matt gone, and the fact that I am bot allowed to eat any candy, I plan to boycott Valentine's day this year!

  3. oops that was suppose to be NOT allowed. I should proof read before I hit that publish button.

  4. I think manufactured holidays are a good thing. I mean, let's celebrate stuff! Like being in love, or moms, or whatever. Party!

  5. I say celebrate moms.Yes!

  6. Hey Jess I totally understand your romance issues. I am the same way. Probably worse than you. I have always thought of it as cheesy. I am a little to sinical for my own good.

    Have you ever read the book Captivating by Staci Eldredge? It is not fiction, but it has really good stories and talks alot about that issue. About why woman crave romance and why we shouldn't feel like it is cheesy!

    Might be a good thing for you to read right now, it is about inner healing, and realizing God's heart for woman, and who we are in Him.

  7. That was me, the cow. And I luv yaluv ya luv ya!


  8. Hey if we didn't have manufactured holidays, what would we have?

    Just birthdays I guess.

    I am so glad I am not a Jehovah Witness. I love presents too!

  9. hey! i say any day that celebrates love is cool! real love that is! you know, like 1 cor. chap. `13 kinda love! I was gonna take my valentine away for a surprise overnighter to the woodlands waterway Marriott! that is until i found out it costs about $260! yikes!! I think a good dinner , a movie, and maybe a mushy love poem written by me will have to do!

  10. since V-day is on a weekday this year, after the good dinner and movie, i'd be asleep just in time for the mushy love poem.

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  14. healthy thick heart
    flesh not stone


  15. I was beginning to wonder if something was wrong with Shannon. I got it, heart thing, cute. I thought for a minute she had keyboard issues-G

  16. Mom, why are you a cow? And how did you become a cow?-G

  17. Why aren't you allowed to eat candy Jennifer?_-G

  18. know what Id like for valentines day? for it to be just like any other day. That would be the greatest gift of all. No obligations just pure love... like it always is... right?


  19. I wonder if Batboy has any love interest and what he plans to do for the big day.

  20. Reposting from this morning, since it has to do with V-day:

    I’m participating in my work groups “secret valentine.” From this past Monday till Valentine ’s Day we have someone that we are buying a thing or two for and slipping it on their desk when they are away. Here’s what I’ve gotten so far from my secret person:

    Monday- a “Smiley Face Cookie”… a big six inch sugar cookie covered in hard icing. The nutrition label showed it had 13 grams of fat… oh, but wait.. the cookie is 2 servings, so it actually has 26 grams of fat! Yikes! I slipped it into my lunch bag and tossed it on my way out the door from work.

    Today- about a six inch Valentine tin with an “Original Double Chocolate Chip Cookie” in it. The nutrition label shows 12 grams of fat and it’s only one serving, so not as bad… oh, but wait… it also has 2.5 grams of heart stopping trans fats! That’s a lot of trans fat for one cookie! I shall give it the same fait as the Smiley Face Cookie.

    So, my secret Valentine is either trying to put weight on me with 26 grams of fat or cause an early death with trans fats.

  21. and I said, What a way to go

  22. G...I am a cow in the tradition of the Far Side Cow who confessed to the murder saying " i confess! Yes! it was me, the Cow! I did it!
    These random brain flutters are part of my joyous day. Mama

  23. Valentines Day is a GOLDEN opportunity for all of you GUYS to show your sweety pies how much they really mean to you.......

    Flowers Chocolates.....Date night..

    Movie .....girly movie......

    girly food......

    or.....keep the kids for an entire evening and allow mom to soak in the tub without ANY interuptions and read a book......and be left alone for HOURS..........

    Or.........cook dinner for the entire family ....and do all the dishes yourself........and give HER a for real back massage..with no strings attached.........Hmm

  24. humor dorks... try it. naw for reals mamas day for the mamas is good right bedste? Mama? cant even joke about that one.

  25. why all the pressure on the poor guys? they love us all year long....

    i think the holiday may have been totally blown outta proportion with the younger crowd... you know... the movie, the meal, the flowers, the candies, the love stuff.... when i was young and in love, it was nice just to get a card...or some of those little valentine candies with messages, etc... maybe one rose... a red one....

    what has happened to the American Young People??? the poor people cannot even afford to feed their children.... then all these expectations on the poor husbands and young lovers... i feel sorry for the guys....

    me and my man may just go to Krogers again and go up and down the Valentine Card aisle and show the good ones to each other and laugh.... and smile....

    then go home and have hot chocolate or cinnamon tea... and play footsies under the kitchen table...

  26. did i tell you about the Valentine's Day when P John sneakily drove past our house, in 1991, the parked down the street, then crept back.... and i could see him out the kitchen window...but he didn't know i was watching... and he...

  27. I like to mow the lawn... while steph is in the kitchen and pretend that Im some lawn guy peeking in the window at her. .. Is that bad?


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