Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I made it to the Y today... treadmilled for 30 minutes whilst Brynn wailed. Hopefully we're building endurance and not just breaking her spirit. Toby also expressed his emotions at a healthy volume for a while... next week I'm bringing headphones (earbuds, actually) to plug into the treadmill. UNLESS I choose to go to "Body Blast" aerobics or water aerobics... but they're like an hour long and I don't know if my clarklings can handle being dropped off that long. We shall see.

I received a really gorgeous bouquet last night... red carnations and a few roses and other red flowers... it's so vibrant and bright. I love it. I love flowers. I bought the boys heart balloons and one of them (the balloons) escaped today while we were out. We thought it was a lost cause but it got snagged in a low tree and I was able to rescue it. :)

So now Toby is sharing his opinion of naptime in a determined, passionate and persistent manner. Too bad. The MOG is about to leave for the house o' prayer with R2, and Bean and I will have an hour or two to ourselves at home.

So there you go, there's the update. Much love to all my family and friends and even rodents and mutants out there in the blogpshere. Happy Valentines!


  1. I love, love, love little Bean's birthday video and all her pictures!! What a little cutie pie!!! What a blessing to have those 3 little ones!

    I definitely recommend the water fun!! I did it YEARS ago and really liked it!! Recently I bought a rock & roll exercise thingy from Tony Little. It's fun, but I haven't been REAL committed to it yet. I do enjoy looking at it though!! :) Have fun! Hugs and kisses to all of you! Happy Valentines Day! I can't remember my identity deal, so I'm signing on as anonymous....:)

    Tammy Sue Clark

  2. Happy love-V day all.

    glad you got the balloon, horray

    lots of thoughts, I do- but I don't feel like typing.. : )

  3. rodents?!@*^!!


    what about a simple Happy Valentines Day to all the anons???

  4. I would imagine you would be included in "family and friends", no?

  5. Hey Tammy.........I bet Jess could find your identity thing or create you a new one.......

    HI HI Tammy!


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