Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Small blog about few things

Last night was my second inner healing class... I was relieved to find I am not suffering greatly from Mother Wounding. It was interesting, though. In our small group time about half of the women were just sobbing and I really wanted to pray for them. (It's against the rules, only the group leaders can lay hands) But it was cool that my heart was moved and I actually wanted to reach out to someone else. It was a good class... sometimes I think I could teach it, but you know, I'm not all that. I am trying to turn off the analytics and receive from God for myself. So that's that.

In other news, American Idol is in full swing and I have selected a few favorites. Anybody with me?

In other, other news, I am sick of diapers. I clean up more human waste than a sewage company. Sheesh.


  1. What the heck is Mother wounding?One should never NEVER wound a mother.That's my opinion on that.Mothers should be loved and cuddled. What kind of a class would want to wound a mother, I ask you. For crying out loud.I am having stress here. Mama

  2. Jessica,

    I'm with your Mama on this one. What is Mother Wounding? I get the concept; I just think it sounds a little "oppressed". Hey, Vicking Granny suggested you could help me find my blog identity since I seemed to have lost it. can create a new one for me? That might be fun!

    I am so sorry to hear about R2 hurting himself like that!! Give him a hug and kiss for me. Consider yourself loved and hugged as well!! :0 I like that phrase, don't you? "Consider yourself loved and hugged." ha.

    Lorri Beth and her other are coming to town on Saturday for a visit. Can't wait to see them. Wish you guys were here. James is cooking hamburgers while there here and inviting everyone to come over and have a good visit with them.

    Dad turned 77 yesterday and we had a birthday dinner for him at the house. Graceson and Izzy sure were excited about his birthday. They are such a HOOT!! All our children are little joy givers and I love each and every one!!

    Love you all -

    Tammy Sue Clark

  3. What you are a wounded mother? Me too. Feel sorry for me... Oh woe is me and my wounding... Oh.... woe....-G

  4. I'm so glad you're getting some healing, G.

  5. I postively sure I have suffered mother wounding. And I am only saying that because I know my mother reads the blog and I like to mess with her head as much as possible. Seriously I am screwed up!

    As far as American Idol, I only got to watch like 5 minutes last night, so I have yet to choose a favorite but a few stand out to me. I like the Australian guy, and I like the biker chick. I know she won't win, but I like her. Speaking of American Idol it is about to start and I got to go!

  6. I have the "trying to turn of the analytics and receive from God for myself" problem at times also. Sometimes I think, "I also would have said ..." Why can't I have an off button for that?

    Anyone see them new vids?

  7. Keith has started saying, "ah, man!" Pretty funny cause that's what I say a lot. It's very cute to watch him say it.

    He usually naps a little over an hour. Saturday he napped for two hours. When he woke, I went in his room and said, "Kieth, you just slept for TWO WHOLE HOURS!" He responded, "AH, MAN!" We cracked up!

  8. Okay, on the Idol thing.

    I didn't get to see Tuesday night all the way through; only the last two that sang. I like the long haired guy a lot! Very cute and good voice. I feel a little disillusioned with AI, since I found out that they have several contestants that are semi-professional singers/performers. Kindof defeats their "pure" purpose of finding undiscovered talent.

    For the women, I think the A's pretty much have it. Alaina, Asij'a and the other girl whose name escapes me at the moment. She's the professional model. BUT........ I REALLY like Ramile (sp?), and........Shania or whatever her name is. It starts with an S.

    I LOVE to watch AI, so I am I'm sure I'll be putting my 2 cents worth in as time progresses and contestants are plucked off the show.

    BTW, most of the time I AGREE with Simon!!! He's a little brutal sometimes, but I think he's dead on with his judging! :) AND....... I think Paula is a weak sapling who I can barely stand to watch or speak!! What a whoose! AND........Randy! He's okay, but get off off the DOG THING!! What is he, TWELVE???

    Aunt Tammy Sue

  9. ha... richy loves to say his critique and then listen to simon say the same thing... makes him so happy

  10. That's funny.

    Richy projecting on Simon.

    I usually agree with Paula.

    So i guess i'm a wuss (sp?) too.

    It's o.k. I'm not a professional. I don't mind being a wuss. I find Simon completely unpredictable.

    I also didn't get to watch yet this week, but i like the biker chick too. the one with the platinum highlights, right? she's cute.

  11. AI is interesting
    I agree with all that's been posted in here so far
    The aussie guy is good
    The dreadlock guy is good
    & that young lad is good too

    I did not get to see all the women last night
    I do like the rocker chick with shock of platinum on her hair

  12. american idol is the devil :-)
    almost as floozy as me ;-)

  13. Hey! we got an anonymous floozy here! Great!

  14. So when are we going to see a blog about why Huckabee should be president?

  15. a.IDOL is a waste of a good mind

    not good to watch...waste of time

    why would anyone watch it?



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