Monday, February 25, 2008



This is a clip from Saturday Night Live... holier folk than I will deny ever watching this show. But when Huckabee makes headlines for a skit, you better believe I be hittin the Youtube. So there you go.

Somebody... probably Snarky Anonimi asked me the other day about Huck. Here's the deal. It is not outside the realm of possibilty for God to put this guy in office. It is, however, unlikely. I still like him a lot and I understand why he is still in the race. Far too many conservatives are just not happy with McCain and he is presenting an alternative. Power to him. If McCain gets the official nomination in a couple of months, then Huck will quit campaigning. I wish he could win. But you know, regardless, I like the guy and I think he is VERY funny.

So my political plan, because I know you're dying to hear, is to brush up on all the other offices. And vote for as many pro-life, conservative candidates as I can for all the other offices. And possibly leave my ballot blank for Prez. That's the current plan.


  1. What alternative is there?

    Will you post all the pro-life info as you get it?

    I love you and miss you.....and I am counting down till April.....

    Although I do not want to rush birthday
    I will enjoy each and every day..
    but anxiously awaiting April.


  2. Hello Jess,

    I hope there is a chance for Huckabee. Maybe the voters in Texas & Ohio can swing the Republican nomination towards him.

    I heard that Larry Norman died yesterday. For those of you who have never heard his name, he's known as the "father of Christian rock music". He was 60 & died of heart failure. Anyone who enjoyed the music of Keith Green would certainly have loved Larry. He was a musician/evangelist & reaching the lost is what motivated him.

    I think perhaps he has joined Calvin & Jesus in heaven & they are all running, dancing & praising God! (I can totally picture Larry as someone Calvin would have hung with!)

    Oh well . . .

    I was updating myself on some past blogs. Is Ms Viking looking for a match now???? LOL! I just had to comment! If you are Viking Granny, let Jesus choose this one! He will set you up with just the perfect guy!!!! Woo hoo!!!!

    Keep warm in KC!


  3. I'm doing a write in for prez. I writing in adversarial anonimi for prez. It will take a week to find him and he will make EVERYBODY mad. Yeah, this will be fun .

  4. I haven't seen VKG today, but I ordered the flowers for the wedding in Sept. I hear she is still looking great._G

  5. maybe her weddin is in april

    shes counting down til then

    what kind of flowers did you order G

    who is adversarial anon

    sign me curious & wantin to know

  6. April is the time I have set aside to hugg on KC Babies.....

    It is also a great month for Weddings........hmm........

    But is their enough time? Maybe September is more realistic....I have been ordered ect....

    I will have to check with my future "MOTHER in Law/Mutual Grandma/R1-MIL" too....OMG!

    Mama-------is April too soon?

  7. “Emptiness is a symptom that you are not living creatively. You either have no goal that is important enough to you, or you are not using your talents and efforts in striving toward an important goal.”
    -- Maxwell Maltz, 1899 – 1975

  8. The sultan of Persia had sentenced two men to death. One of them, knowing how much the sultan loved his stallion, offered to teach the horse to fly within a year in return for his life. The sultan, fancying himself the rider of the only flying horse in the world, agreed.

    The other prisoner looked at his friend in disbelief. “You know horses don’t fly. What made you come up with a crazy idea like that? You’re only postponing the inevitable.” “Not so,” said the first prisoner. “I have actually given myself four chances for freedom. First, the sultan might die during the year. Second, I might die. Third, the horse might die. And fourth-I might teach the horse to fly.” (from No More Mondays, page 107)

    with one creative suggestion, he creates four possible outcomes for his future.

  9. Could be a little early, (whatever)
    the battery on his car is dead. this is an indication of sorts...Mama

  10. huckabee is awesome! I really like him. Plus any guy who has an awesome campaign ad that says his plan to protect our borders is to put Chuck Noris on the borders has my vote! :-)

    funny campaign add :-)

    Crystal D.

  11. The flowers are ordered for September. You cannot change that. The florist told me so. ( Natalie is picking them out of her yard and freezing them till september)-G

  12. Er... can someone ask Natalie what KIND of flowers are in her yard?-G

  13. That video just gives me one more reason to laugh at Huckabee.

  14. Whoooooooooooo

    whoooo is laughing at Huckabee?

    Who is mr slim?


    Huckabee is a people person and this peep likes him ......

    I hope he surprises everyone and wins wins it actually possible?

  15. i'll valunteer my family for the music at yore hitchen' festivitees, vkg, cuz you don't have no musicians in your'n

  16. ha. that was really funny. (the video, i mean) what an enjoyable fellow.


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