Tuesday, February 12, 2008

tales of treadmills and woes

Now, yesterday I didn't post till 4 something... and those are some cute videos. So if you haven't, go and watch the vids.
My goal today was, if everyone was awake by the time R1 had to leave for class, we would throw our pajama-ed selves into the van and drop him off, so's we could have the van, see? And wouldn'tcha know it, it worked. So we came back home and ate breakfast and did 4000 diapers and so on and then we went to the Y. Now, we started getting billed for our Y membership on the 1st. But until today, I hadn't gone up there. (the childcare is from 8-noon, and it hadn't worked out) So today, off we went. It was a breezy 42 degrees in my garage, and so I forgot my jacket. Unfortunately, the parking is terrible at the Y, and did I mention it was NINETEEN degrees outside of my garage. All the kids were dressed for the Arctic, but I was not so fortunate. So back here to wrestle with the stroller and over here for this kid and over here for these two, and then waaaaaaaay across the parking lot and up the sidewalk, to the North Pole. And of course there are no automatic doors (for a community organization, Y's are notoriously NOT handicapped accessible). So finally we got in and I don't know if I have EVER been that cold.

I put the little people in Child Watch, which appears to be exactly that. Two women casually watching as children do stuff. Toby was all for it. I made it 15 minutes on the treadmill before Bean lost it and could not be consoled. Next time (tomorrow?) I might try some kind of class with her there by me in her carseat. Or something. I also tried a bike which I had to completely WUSS out on because it was so hard.

But I am proud of myself because I finally went. Now to keep going.


  1. Hey sweety...........what about attaching Brynn to her mommy and doing the treadmill>>>>is that allowed?

    or bike.......are their bikes adjustable resistance?

    I am with Clammy..........Yay 15 min

    Way to go Jess...........

    Maybe other peeps wont mind if Brynn sits in a saucer or bouncy chair and watches you work out.

    You know .......she is a breast fed baby........and BFBabies need to see their mommies at all times.

  2. Valentimes is almost here! Watch yo mailbox Jess!!!!


  3. where IS everyone today???

    well, what do you think now, jess?




  5. Maybe it would be better to load up babies in pjs....drop Daddy off, come home unload kids, eat breakfast.....bundle up MOM and Bundle up kids and vaseline up their wittle cheeks and load them up in the stroller and walk for 20 minutes around the block and then get to the VAN and load them up and go to the YMCA and check them in and THEN walk on treadmill for 15 minutes........

  6. You could not PAY me to walk outside in 20 degree weather....nooooooooooo

  7. VKG has lived in Texas too long, she doesn't remember what real cold weather is like.

    I don't enjoy my 10 minute walk from the parking lot at work when it's that cold, much less 20 minutes.


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