Tuesday, February 5, 2008

On the pursuit of the Presidency

When I was 6, I read a book... Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew, I don't remember- (I was bi-literate). And somewhere in the story, there was an archaeologist. Probably a couple of dead bodies and getting trapped in something as well, but I digress. I fell in love with the word archaeologist. So, the next few weeks or so, that was the plan. The teacher asked our second grade class what we wanted to be. Nurse, fireman, racecar driver, archaeologist. (I was that last one). I had to spell it for her.

Soon after that, maybe third grade, I decided I would become the first female President. I started by being the class president, every year. (Maybe no one else cared, or maybe I was the candidate of inevitability) I listened to Rush Limbaugh for 3 hours a day during the summer. It was like eating. I swallowed the political process. It was fascinating and exciting and heady. I planned to graduate early, go to law school and then run for President in 2012, my first eligible year. The years went by. I continued thinking and listening and planning and reading all through junior high and my freshman year in high school.

Somewhere in my sophomore year, I decided to 86 the law school plan. It looked boring, really, really boring. And the world of theatre was coming alive to me. I loved it. I loved being on the stage, and taking on characters and memorizing scripts and the whole thing... Also in my sophomore year, I fell in love with a crazy headbanger type that had a passionate heart for youth ministry. As we immersed ourself in youth pastoring (at 17), we became consumed with the heart of God for the young generation. We gave ourselves wholeheartedly to the pursuit of God and the love of our "kids". And all my other ambitions just didn't matter enough, anymore.

Now, in my heart there is still a burning for politics. I still love it, and I don't like where things are heading as a nation. So will I, at some point, enter the political arena? I've given it some thought. Maybe on a local level... maybe someday. On a personal level, learning and listening and voting and affecting legislation... absolutely.

We'll see what God does. I have a couple more years till 2012, anyway. Or is it 2013?

Oh, and I voted for Huckabee.


  1. actually the elections this year are troubling

    none of the candidates are committed

    they ALL seem wishy-washy

    which really reflects the heart of the American people


    wishy-washy & their hearts far from God




  4. Josh & Shannon -

    My hubby, Don, is in Port Angeles, just for the night. He's checking on the new Walgreens that opened. He's at the Port Angeles Inn. LOL!
    He says it's a very nice view.
    Tomorrow he will be in Fife.


  5. speaking of elections

    thhis a.m. i was waiting in the radiology dept for about 20 minutes and heard the news (morning america i think) program more like a talk? show... and saw them interview a whole bunch of couples who were arguing about who they were going to vote for and why they were arguing... it sounds like there's a bunch of argueing and division in the democratic camp, as evidenced by what i saw and heard!

    then, i saw a lady dressed like a man with a man haircut singing like a lady that transitioned into a song that was singing Hallelooooo and I thought "what is this country coming to???" on the Good Morning America show....

    anyway, i haven't watched any other bit of news since, so i guess i shall go see what the returns are looking like in SUPER TUES LAND...

  6. oh, and my gall bladder is "normal"...

    i wasn't worried - but they're trying to figure out why I keep having strange chest and back pains....

  7. i think the lady that sang on the news show you were watching this morning was k.d. lang

    she is a lesbian

    she dresses like a man

    she does have a beautiful voice

    she just does not know the One who blessed her with that voice


  8. Hey Mamapc,

    I guess you're staying at home this evening. Me, too. Mom had chemo today so I'm hanging around in case she starts to feel bad. So far, so good. (Though she's very, very tired.)


  9. Glad to hear your gall is ok, too!


  10. yes, SOMEONE has to stay home and cook the meals some times....

    jess - i thought of you this a.m. as i walked out the door and i felt in my spirit that Huck was the one to vote for...

  11. Texas Crouse Goo-losh

    brown 1 lb ground round
    salt and pepper, onion flakes to taste

    cook 1 1/2 cup elbow macaroni's til firm - don't over-cook, drain

    add macaroni, 1 can tomato sauce, 1 can of corn, drained, to the meat in the skillet, heat throughout
    sprinkle grated cheese on top and serve when cheese is melted

    serve with green beans or your favorite vegetable...

  12. jess, i love that you're talking ACTION. do it. change the world, my friend. live your dreams. you rock!

  13. Thanks, Hanga. I wub oo.
    to the anonymous kitty (mama): i saw all my missed calls today... sorry! I will call u tomorrow.

  14. Do you think Mulletman stands a chance as a write in?

  15. Don't know about Mulletman, but I think I have a slim chance to win.

  16. i'm gonna vote for batboy

  17. Robs Political Commentary and observation: (if anyone give a *&#!)
    Ron Paul is in fact the most intelligent candidate by far. But He is kind of like a conservative Ralph Nader. Could take votes away from somebody that could actually win.
    Huckabee is ok. Not a fiscal conservative but solid on the social.
    McCain is a liberal but I would vote for Him if Huckabee was his running mate. He would have to have him to counter balance his positions. Would Jess vote for Him if that was the ticket? Remember I, Rob Clark said that it will be a McCain Huck ticket almost two months ago on this very blog. Anyways I think I would have to vote if that were the case. Now if it were McCain Giuliani. I would not be able to vote at all. Or perhaps do a "suicide vote" and vote for Barrack so at least the Democrats would mess up the country worse and not the Republicans. That is what Rush said he may do. Anyway, God knows what He is doing. Maybe we should just all vote Hillary to try and expedite the apocalypse eh?

  18. I have made a vow, a bound4life vow... I will never vote for someone who is not completely pro-life. So no matter what, I won't vote for McCain.

  19. I agree with Arb, and Ron Paul is the candidate I’ve been and continue to support. I told Shannon months ago that Huckabee seemed to be pandering to McCain to be his vice Pres. In almost every debate, Huck was giving complements to McCain, as if he wanted to get in good with him. McCain is a elite loving liberal, but he isn’t stupid, and would probably pick Huck to try to court to Christian conservatives. McCain has publicly said he doesn’t understand the economy to well, and will have to pick a vice that does. Huck was a governor for 10 years, so he understands budgets, but he is a tax raiser.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. I understand bound4life pledges and all, but I think you have to make a vote. If it’s McCain vs. Clinton. Both are liberal on life issues and stem cell, but Clinton also wants to strap us with a $110 billion health care plan among other things. You have to say, “well the life issues stink this election, so what else is there?” McCain will probably raise taxes less and keep government a little smaller than Hillary. These are very important issues… important enough to cast a vote. I don’t think God will consider it a sin if you vote based on other issues that still can be won.

    We Christians try to be so principled sometimes that we act dumb. Political elections are always rigid like we’d like. It’s like we’re saying, “I can’t get my WHOLE voice heard, so I won’t speak at all.” That doesn’t make sense.

    (I’m not calling anyone dumb, just saying we have to do the best with what we are given.)

  22. yup josheroo.. got to go with the best of what we got... can't let the country go to poop (my 4 letter secret work by the way) just because we dont get all that we want... ?!@???

  23. On a lighter note, I’m participating in my work groups “secret valentine.” From this past Monday till Valentine ’s Day we have someone that we are buying a thing or two for and slipping it on their desk when they are away. Here’s what I’ve gotten so far from my secret person:

    Monday- a “Smiley Face Cookie”… a big six inch sugar cookie covered in hard icing. The nutrition label showed it had 13 grams of fat… oh, but wait.. the cookie is 2 servings, so it actually has 26 grams of fat! Yikes! I slipped it into my lunch bag and tossed it on my way out the door from work.

    Today- about a six inch Valentine tin with an “Original Double Chocolate Chip Cookie” in it. The nutrition label shows 12 grams of fat and it’s only one serving, so not as bad… oh, but wait… it also has 2.5 grams of heart stopping trans fats! That’s a lot of trans fat for one cookie! I shall give it the same fait as the Smiley Face Cookie.

    So, my secret Valentine is either trying to put weight on me with 26 grams of fat or cause an early death with trans fats.

    Hmm… maybe that wasn’t a lighter subject. = )

  24. Death by trans fats...mmm
    What a way to go

  25. on a heavier note (low B): Texas may have a say in this race. I wander if I can qualify to participate or how that works.. anyone know?


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