Monday, March 3, 2008

It happens


Not a pleasant subject, folks.
I don't like bathroom humor, and I try not to talk bathroom subjects at all... but COME ON ENOUGH ALREADY.
The babies, to put it delicately, .... there is no way to put it delicately. Sick tummies and yucky diapers and soaked clothes and waking up to get thrown in the tub and all the clothes thrown in the washer... ugh. I hope we're through with this bug or virus or whatever, so I can bleach my arms and hands and get on with my life.
Anyways, I wish I had a more pithy or relevant blog subject. But this is what my life has been consisting of to a great extent.

Toby is keeping the scream alive. He accidentally locked himself in his room a minute ago... I just let it be for a couple of minutes before I rescued him.


  1. what is the expert opinion?

    Don’t use antibacterial soap.
    Antibacterial soap might kill off some of the bacteria on your skin, but that’s bad for two reasons. First of all, it lowers your own resistance to a variety of bacteria, making you more susceptible to bacteria-borne illness. Second, if a soap kills off 99.9% of bacteria, the 0.1% that’s left is going to be resistant to that soap and will thrive. In the words of Dr. Stuart Levy, a microbiologist at Tufts University: “Dousing everything we touch with antibacterial soaps and taking antibiotic medications at the first sign of a cold can upset the natural balance of microorganisms in and around us, leaving behind only the superbugs.” Use some quality soap, but don’t use antibacterial soap - it has no real benefit and may in fact make you sick over the long haul.

  2. hi crystal,
    glad to hear that some old relationships are being rekindled.
    also Jen B.?
    hope you guys get the house you want and need

  3. wow again ms jess has posted new blog b4 1pm

    i am amazed

    signed, snarky

  4. sorry about the pooping, jess. that season is gross and horrible no matter what age.

    jennifer, congratulations....very exciting to know that it's a girl.

    in regard to the antibacterial soap........i think (i know i'm a non-expert, but i'm voicing my opinion anyway) that applies to the overuse of such products. most normal people don't wash their hands enough for that to be the case. but some mothers disinfect every single thing their children touch, and that seems dangerous. it's important to be clean, but oddly, it's also important to be exposed to dirt. ha!

  5. Expert opinion here.

    Don't use antibacterial soups. That is bad for your digestion and can lead to emergency room visits.-G

  6. I never liked palmolive chicken noodle. It just gave me heartburn.-G

  7. One of my children were born blowing bubbles-G

  8. I think it was Lacy.-G

  9. palmolive chicken noodle???

    Either G has gone off the deep end, or she has a story that I want to hear.

  10. Crystal-
    That would be nice to get a house this year, we love being in a rental house. I agree about the carpets, our rental has wood floors and we will not go back to carpets. Not only are they gross, but known carcinogen (cancer causing) fluids are used to treat new carpet, so someone with small kids that are sucking carpet all day should be mindful of that. People that never smoked, etc. get cancer all the time and don’t know the reason. More and more healthcare professionals are looking at the environmental factors that cause things to build up in our bodies and don’t show signs until 20 – 40 years later. Duh!
    (that was longer than I planned, but good info to know)

    That is just great about Billy and Kyle!! I honestly think about one or both of them at least every other week. They stay on my mind, and I pray for them. I started talking with Billy again about a year ago. We’ve had a couple spiritual conversations. We talked last week about some technical topics as well. I’ve been considering calling Kyle as well. I’ll allow the Lord to lead me. I will be praying for Randy and them.

  11. Jess-

    I guess I do like Sam Brownback after all. He had this to say about the Europian company winner over Boeing for the big contract.

    "It's stunning to me that we would outsource the production of these airplanes to Europe instead of building them in America," said Republican Senator Sam Brownback about the Pentagon's decision.

    "I'll be calling upon the Secretary of Defense for a full debriefing and expect there will be a protest of the award by Boeing."

  12. g- I also avoid antibacterial soups. Gimme a big ol can of Campbells Cream of Petri anyday.

  13. Lentil Joy..
    lentils & lemons.. hmmm

  14. name brand from Walmart........bubble gum flavor.

    That is my answer....

    They obviously have already gotten the majority of it now it is time to stop em up......

    I love the pic on the front page.

    Toby up close with background Brynny.

    Sorry JEss......this is as bad as it just enjoy it.


    R2 got the both end runnies too?

    Do not kiss on em for a short spell.

    You can't clean up there mess if you are making your own at the same time..........

  15. we used to use antibacterial soaps, yet switched last year.

    just add very warm water with scrubbing hands & wa-la!

  16. _shannon- wade and jen ivan wendy none of those really count :-) well they do in Gods eyes... buy not kyles or billies... they were actually all befor all of our time. they were all pretty much gone by the time we were around. but yes they have made it! but our group that were all together... every singel marriage has failed... except tay doug and randy and me... " thank you jesus for your grace and Mercy"

  17. yes... jenn is coming around too! :-) love that girl!

  18. ugggg MORE bad news about carpet! yuck i think i feel about carpet as jess does about poop!

  19. G- checkout the 3rd video here. I think you’ll like it.

  20. Crystal, that's right.. married longer, yet weren't their specific friends & same age. ; )

    Glad for you 4!

    Ya, carpet woes: search carpet is toxic

    We heard of this & made wood floors a must while looking for where we live now.

  21. so jess your dealing with poopy kids...

    mine just poured a cup of water on a machine i just spend over 1000 bucks on! yes and the maching rhyms with FRAPPLE! or back! yeah my apple.. my mac... two weeks old.. and drowned!the one thing not covered on the 250 dollar warranty! WATER DAMAGE! pretty bummed! BUT... i still love Isaac.... i think i'll still keep him :-) in the mean time I'm praying for a miracle ressurection of Mr. Mac. hopeing after insides dry out a few days and i lay on top of it face to face and pray it will once again awaken to LIFE!

  22. Thanks, Josh, that was sooo cute. I had seen it before, I like to keep up with the Keith videos. He is such a cutie.-G

  23. i just made a million dollars

  24. The hills are alive with the sound of music!

  25. Hey Tiger
    Spread some of that million dollar love around on the poor exiled missionaries in Kansas City

  26. You should not expect a miracle ressurection of Mr. Mac. God is not a Mac user.

  27. our macs have been resurrected on more than one occasion... better check that theology, slim.

  28. Ooooh, Crystal : (
    Keith broke something of ours last week. I was about to sync some pictures to the computer, he was on my lap, didn't think he could reach the camera (he'd already been grabbing the wire, I had to call Josh, so I sat him on my lap to keep him from it) He swatted at it knocking it to the floor, it hit the open zoom area & jammed it, it won't turn on, it tries & says to turn off & try again. I joked to Josh that we should pray over it.. just like you are.

    Man! & we were thinking of returning it cause the flash is extremely bright! & choosing another!

  29. the zoom slightly rotates then jerks to one side a couple millimeters then stops moving, then gives the error. oooooo, we tried pushing & pulling on it, to no avail.

    ~Woes & Troubles~
    When Keith was a new baby & he'd be crying I'd sometimes sing a song line a few times, which I made up, "Our woes & our troubles.. we'll just call them woubles"

  30. yes, there is research that antibacterial soaps and handlotions are actually causing more problems than what they can prevent

    it kills all the "good" bacteria that we all need on our skin.... except the ones that actually grow stronger

    kids with moms who oversanitize actually end up more sickly

    old-fashioned soap and the actual friction and rinsing then drying on clean towels is what actually remove the harmful organisms...

    also, a healthy diet, low in sugars and junk, keep the immune strong enough to fight any stray germs that are picked up at the grocery store

  31. re: better check that theology, slim.

    Satan is know to parade as an angel of light. I think you should be testing your spirits.

  32. I agree with the anti-bacterial thing myself allthough I have not switched all my soaps yet. Allthough I can hardly get my kids to remember to wash there hands anyway so maybe we are ok.

    I also agree with the carpet. I have carpet now because we live in apartments. But I definately prefer wood or tile. Madison has asthma and carpet fibers can flair her up. Also Josh is right about the cancer. My first husbands father died on cancer. He smoked nearly all his life, but he also layed carpet. His doctor told us the carpet fumes where more dangerous than the smoking.

  33. And by the way thanks for the congrats. We are very excited about our little girl!

    Well Matt got excited once he got over the shock that he is going to have 3 daughters!

  34. G will be a grandma soon!
    any progress?

    Happy 3 days late Bday to Lacy

  35. hey jennifer, you and matt have 3 daughters and one son just like your dad, right?

  36. re: mr. slim...

    Mth 16:23 "Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men."

    Dear Jesus, please forgive Mr. slim, for he knows not what he says. Bless him annd keep him, and give him a mac.

    ps. don't for get about my mac too


  37. "His doctor told us the carpet fumes where more dangerous than the smoking."

    CRAZY!! People should not have to worry about getting cancer from something that is common place in most homes.


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