Friday, March 7, 2008

mama has landed safely and boy are her arms tired...

Today the MOG had to be a parking attendant for the Passion for Jesus conference. In a blizzard. Well, it was snowing, anyway. He is part of the IHOP slave labor force that are interns, and he does what he is told. :) I'm not too disappointed I did not make the cut. Well, the pintos are a'simmerin and in one hour or so, we feast. I know you're jealous.

And back by lack of popular demand : Ms. Smartypants!!
Submit your lonely heart or non-confrontational political or social etiquette question! I might answer it on Monday! Or not! Also, ask grammar questions! Because I'm obviously an expert!!



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  2. Grammar question;

    If ye already did et yur dinner. Then whut do yu do affer that? I mean before go a pig-milkin' an a cow-sloppin.-G

  3. Well Tig said hello to the Viking. Its a small start. She batted her eyelashes and swooned. If you have ever seen a viking swoon, it is pretty spectacular. She is going to have to speed things up a little. Ive already ordered the flowers for the wedding in September. At this rate, they are going to be sharing their dentures.-G

  4. well, beth...

    i JUST NOW got a Christmas card from you! what's happening????

    believe it or not, I have some Christmas letters addressed, stamped and ready to be stuffed with a Christmas letter I wrote in November...December....and re-edited in January!!!

    so, even though YOUR Christmas card was LATE! mine is still on the cabinet.... so, you win...


    hi, jess, hi mama...

    miss you!!! think of you...

  5. what will happen to the economy if Obami or Clintawn ends up Prezident?

  6. Ms. Smartypants,
    Should a law be passed that bans women from being president, or at least a law that states that a male must take over for the week that the woman president is having her monthly?

  7. Just a guess, but Hilary and monthly? ...prolly not.

  8. Yeah what if she gets severe PMS and decides to push the big red button?

  9. On another note my kid (Madison) is sick again. Last week strep throat which we have had twice in a month. Now she has Chicken Pox! It is loads of fun. I counted 170 spots this morning when I was covering her with caladryl lotion! Allthough alot of them are small thank goodness. But she has some pretty yucky ones too.

  10. oooooweeee!I know one tigah whats been habbin a goooood time!you know what they say---when 'da cats away....

  11. tigger, you are too funny

    speaking of tiggers...

    i had a beautiful humongous black cat that came with our new house (former owners couldn't keep her from traveling back here Sassy-style) anyway, today, as I was working in the front flower bed, she hauled off and bit a hunk out of my SHIN! WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT? i didn't do ANYTHING to her! maybe she didn't like me messing with "her" flowerbed???

    going to sleep since I'm on a sleep-deficit... any of you get enough sleep this weekend???

  12. no way!! mamapc, that's sad!!

    must have viewed it as her territory.. she should know you're only making it prettier.. goodness.

  13. Sing-Sing wouldn't have done that.

  14. i find it hilarious how people complain about the time change

    how silly

    it's just one hour

    get over it

    it's not like an overseas flight with an hour change of 7 hours or more

    while i don't understand why the US really needs a time change, it's still crazy how many people blame their tardiness, sleeplessness, etc on time change


    (I wonder what smartybritches would say about this)

  15. shrain
    "The society which scorns excellence in plumbing as a humble activity
    and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted activity
    will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy: neither its pipes
    nor its theories will hold water."

    - John W. Gardner

  16. "Life is a process of accumulation. We either accumulate the debt or the value, the regret or the equity." -- Jim Rohn

  17. We want Smartypants!-G

  18. Smartypants! Smartypants!

  19. Then we die....


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