Friday, March 14, 2008

plan for le day

Today R2 has his first pediatrician appointment... we have to get his seizure meds refilled ASAP and the red tape has been obnoxious. So now we are all good to go, we think. I hate first appointments for him... I have a chart summary for his first 4 months of life, but I still have to say most of it... and he was SO sick... he had every preemie condition but a couple, and it's a lot to explain.

He doesn't mind... he thinks it's fun if I warn him ahead of time. "Oh boy, Richy! She's going to look inside your ears! Isn't that funny??" and he giggles his way through. It helps that I don't make him get shots. He has been hospitalized and IV'ed enough to be traumatized... I'm so glad he's not.

Anyway, that's today so I have to brush up on my medical terminology. I have doctors to impress. ;)
Submit your medical questions and I will answer them on Monday! Or another day ending with Y!
Disclaimer: I don't know beans. But ask away!

also, Richy is updating over here something like daily. Check Radiant Worship blog!


  1. helloooooo SPRING BREAK!

    dear sp
    why did God give us a "funny bone"?

  2. I petition the great Smartypants for an answer to my question last week. This is a question that deserves an answer from a great thinker such as you:

    Should a law be passed that bans women from being president, or at least a law that states that a male must take over for the week that the woman president is having her monthly?

  3. I just read that one of the AI contestants is from Tulsa...David Cook. How is he?

  4. He's good... rocker, pretty interesting.

  5. I am so glad that R2 had so much fun at the doctors...

    David Cook sings great and he also does the "comb over" or comb forward........Wonder what he is trying to hide RICHARD and ROBERT!!

  6. WOW you made a new BLOG.........

    I like the break from the norm

    looks good like this.

    Hey need medical Qs....

    If a person gets a "lapband" do they have to live with it 4ever or does it get removed someday?

    If a person is addicted to CAFFEIN and they get a head ache every time they do not get a coke or a coffee.......How do they break the addiction?

    What is the best way to deal with Chicken Pox issues?
    Oatmeal bath..Socks on hands...
    benydryl by mouth....Bandaids...

  7. That PBJ pic made my hungry. The tag cloud is cool.

    The new format pushes the right side bar way to the bottom again in Explorer 7.

  8. Just sent you an email with screen grabs. Big black space to the left and no menu bar on the right. The menu is pushed to the bottom.

  9. Why are you checking your blog on a weekend...........I thought you always took the weekend off?

    I think the new blog looks fabulous!

    How do you like my new hair?

  10. Should you take a child to the dr everytime they have a fever?

    How high should the fever be?

    What kind of medical Q do you want ms smartapants?

    How do you remove freckles?

    What do you do when you have a bad perm?

    Do you think women after 50 should shave?

  11. I 2nd Nate, not fixed. Looks same.

  12. Actually a little diff now. Menu is at the bottom, but on the left now. See email.

  13. hum... should we start another Pee Cee vs. Mac debate?

  14. Have at it... the error only happens in Internet Explorer... which is on PCs... we of Firefox, Safari and Opera are fine.

  15. me and Pappy JC are celebrating his asking me to marry him 27 years ago yesterday.....

    my times flies especially when you're having the times of your lives....

    had a good lunch with happy clam and cookie monster today....

    and go ROCKETS!!!!!!!!!!22!!!!!

  16. MPC- Congrats on 27 yrs engaged!

    Jess- Blog is fixed, menu is on the left at the top.

  17. Where is evybuddy?-G

  18. You just try sometimes to play hooky and your boss gets on the blog with you... Oh, man, this lady follows me everywhere...-G


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