Monday, March 24, 2008

easter weekend


WARNING: loud background music..

We had a great weekend... I wasn't going to do Easter baskets because everything is insanely overpriced... but on a trip to my favorite thrift store, I found all Easter merch half off. I got 3 baskets, easter grass, eggs and large stuffed bunnies. 4 bucks. Because I am awesome.

Then I skipped church. On Easter. I'm like the opposite of the holiday churchgoer. But, I went last night. See, here's the deal. No disrespect whatsoever to IHOP. But Sunday morning services around here are so white. Like Whitey McWhiterson and the Cracker Band. WHITE. No soul. So a couple of weeks ago, when I tuned into the Sunday evening webcast here (we'll see if that link works), I saw soul. Eddie James is an amazing worship leader... and they were having CHURCH, y'all. So finally last night we went and it was so refreshing. I probably woulda got my dance on if I wasn't holding babies and wearing cowboy boots. I'll know better next time. So that's my new church. I go to night church with all the college students. Because I need less white in my life.

New pix going up momentarily over at

Oh, and Richy got his first real royalty check from a guy who recorded You are Holy... I'm so proud of him!


  1. I Am so excited! I am sooooo proud of yall.

    Love yall

  2. Looks like a nice weekend!
    Glad for the ~royalty~ to the king of the song.

  3. hello

    we're all plum pooped

    life just goes too quickly, don't it now...

    glad you found a soul church

    we had a discussion about "Easter" around the dinner table Sunday...

    I think our family all agrees that the holiday was one spawned to celebrate the goddess of fertility, Aschtar (or however they spelled her name)... then,
    in Constantinople's time, they merged the Christian celebration of the passover, death and ressurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ with that heathern that is how eggs and bunnies (prolific) entered stage left of the celebration of New Life Jesus bought for us....

    and it's been mixed up ever since! where the focus got off... and people/kids think a huge bunny brings them candy and colored eggs!

    good night to all out there!!!

    good night, jess c

    congrats to r1 on royalty! how much??? who recorded it?

  4. Going to bed.

    Go Bean, go!!

    Awesome on the royalty!

    Who recorded it? Can we hear it/ a sample anywhere online?

    We had a nice Easter weekend with Shannon's family. I'll give a little more detail later. Actually, I'll put a video and pics on my blog later this week. Keith had a good ol time.

  5. In the greek orthodox church they have always used eggs to represent the ressurection. They egg has three parts just like the three days he was dead. And they are always died red to represent the blood he shed for us. I always wondered if that was where the easter egg thing came from.

  6. Oh and the video of Toby dancing is really cute. And I saw those head bobs Brynn was doing. Before you know they will all dancing together. Very cute.

  7. Ok, Mr. Slim

    Question number one;

    Will you answer all the questions from the Blogeratti honestly?

    (That sounds like some kind of massachusetts cult.)-G

  8. You Are Holy sounds good with that choir.

  9. The Lee University Campus Choir's voices sound so worshipful.. that is so wonderful hearing them worship to those words!! I went to their main page.. what a large group! They look very happy!!

  10. hey G! How many uprooted Massachusett-ians TFH members are there? Any chubby ones?


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