Wednesday, March 5, 2008

the Limbaugh effect

So Huck is out. I was just waiting yesterday... knew it would be a miracle, but uh.... I believe in miracles. So now he's out and here we go. I don't see any way McCain is going to win this thing. So who would be worse, Clinton or Obama? Heck if I know.

Last week, Rush encouraged listeners in primary states to switch parties and vote Hillary in yesterday's primaries. His logic was to keep the chaos alive on the Democratic side for a few more months. And, whaddya know... Hillary comes out of her slump and wins big last night. Did Rush affect the process? Who knows... but I heard him say that in Texas, 35% of Republicans did not vote Republican. That is huge! And pretty funny to me. I mean, if I spoke to 22 million people a week, I'd be tempted to jack with the process myself.
funny stuff.

So we have our nominee, who I am not voting for, and the battle rages on the Left. The semi-feminist in me rebels against this thought, but... I don't know if I like the idea of a female president. Well... maybe Condi, or somebody who doesn't come across as emotional. But yer basic female ... makes me a little nervous. More on that after I think about it some more.

In other news, the onslaught continues. They have normal appetites and behaviors and diapers all day. But they wake up from naps and in the morning with the stench of hell and so on.


  1. All uncertainty is long as it is accompanied by the wish to understand.

    Antonio Machado (1875-1939)

    mccain CAN WIN in Nov

  2. what if mccain has huck as his running mate?

    would u vote then?

    just wondering

  3. yucky smells...

    ya know i kinda wish i were still dealing with diapers. Isaac has been fully potty trained for about two months. yippy but about a month into it he changed his mind! just about the big #2

    so for the past month every single day he goes in his undies. uggg not accidents but straight up choosing to go poo in pants.

    so frustrating but the doc says DO NOT GO BACK TO DIAPERS! so i'm not. but when your at the mall or a resturaunt or grocery store changing a diaper is so much easier then changing dirty pants. ug

  4. yeah hillary or mccain? ug boo hiss on both! I'm writting in John schluter!


    I'm so discouraged i don't even wanna vote! BUT I WILL

  5. Ill second the vote for John Schluter.-G

  6. We actually DON’T have our nominee. Regardless of the media, McCain has NOT locked anything. The delegate counts include assigned and UNassinged delegates. Unassigned delegates are free to vote for who they want to. McCain still does not have enough assigned delegates to clinch the nomination. Many states have to complete the caucus process still for the delegates to be known. In WA, half the delegates won’t be assigned until we complete our caucusing in May, so the numbers are way off!

    Now McCain just hopes Ron Paul will drop out so that he has no competition and would be the de facto nominee.

    If McCain does get the nomination in the end, I may give my vote to a 3rd party candidate- like the Constitution Party. I believe they will have Dr. Jerome Corsi- excellent man, very conservative, and a Christian.

  7. I would just LOVE McCain to take on Ron Paul in a one on one debate. McCain says irrational emotional things. Ron Paul has schooled him in several debates already. If you want to see McCain’s true colors, have him debate Paul. McCain gets red faced and shows his short temper every time Paul speaks because Paul can systemically show McCain how he is wrong and really a liberal.

    By the way, Ron Paul was reelected to his 11th term in Congress yesterday, taking over 70% of the vote.

  8. Crystal- that sounds bad about the #2. Have you tried giving him incentives? A friend of ours who waited late to start potty training her son had a box of cheap little toys, like army men, and some stickers and things that her son got to pick from every time he went. It seemed to work pretty good for her.

    Also, can you email me your home number? I got Randy’s work cell from Billy, but don’t have your current home number. I’m wanting to talk to Randy bout something.

  9. Beth- (from this morning) I had never heard of the Earth Liberation Front until a couple weeks ago when the radio was covering a trial for a couple people involved in a fire bombing of a university research lab in Seattle a couple years ago. Now they set fire to three multi-million dollar homes a couple days ago. People here are very environmentally conscience (mostly cause we have such a nice local environment and a lot of water ways to care for), but not extreme like this.

    I think I heard WA state is the largest recycler per capita.

  10. Isn't the name Maynard just a great name?

  11. that's a beautiful name for a girl, Josh.

  12. just broke down crying in the apple store :-( no fixing my computer. well i can for $1100.00 but...I paid $1200.00 so i'm not doing it.

    i don't want to love THINGS this much, but i waited 18 months to get this computer and was getting sooooo far getting things made and done for RG "with this wonderful tool" and now ca-blewey! gone. 1200 buck that could have been put to something else... major bummer! ahhhhhhh oh well

  13. Re: josh

    yeah i did m&m's, didn't go over so well. but stickers or little army guys(or something like that would be a good idea)" i kinda skipped all that with him cause he just started doing it all by him self right befor he turned two. ... but i should go get a bunch of little rewards from the dollar store. good idea

    our number is 555-555-5556
    yea right some weirdy will get it off here and prank me :-)
    ill send it by email

  14. Crystal-
    our salesman told us if we ever had water damage, try drying it out in the oven. Worth a shot: here's some instructions I found.

    What you can try, but you'll think I'm insane, is that you can place the notebook in the oven at 130 to 140 degrees for about 30minutes to an hour.

    Do not heat it with the battery. Remove the battery before you put the laptop in the oven.

    AND BY NO MEANS check if it works as soon as you take the laptop out of the oven.

    wait at least 24 or more hours for it to completely dry out/cool down.

    Please use common sense when heating it up. Don't place the laptop directly on the oven's grill or bakingsheet.

    Use perhaps a oven safe plate and place the laptop inside a thick towel. then place the bundle towel on top of the safe plate.

    while you heat the laptop upside down(*minus the battery) in the oven @ 140 degrees for 45 to an hour

  15. maynard????

    as in maynard g krebs?????

    google "dobie gillis" or "the many loves of dobie gillis"


  16. Remember to add some tomato sauce and sprinkle with your favorite cheese.

  17. its already been 4 days i think it would be dry by now... i don't know what to do. i want to slam it to the ground but remm talked me out of it... so here is my plan..

    its been less than 90 days so i am going to try to get my 250.00 for the warranty plan back. and I'm getting 100 bucks back for the printer rebate. so i'm going to go get a tattoo.

    of an apple.. ok not an apple.

  18. about the voting for hillary to throw off the democratic race,

    i didn't, but someone very close to me did.

    seems like cheating, but i guess it's legal.

    i voted for huck....still hoping for a miracle.

  19. Uh... Ron Paul? Sheesh.

  20. FACT: Ron Paul is the most conservative person left in the race.

    Do you disagree?


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