Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Last night I went to a new home group... it's kind of an infant loss support group. But it ended up being at a house... with about 6 women and yummy snacks. All of us have had miscarriages and or/late losses. It was amazing. We were scheduled to meet from 7 to 9 and we didn't leave until 11:30.
It's crazy how the shared experience of losing children just knocks down walls and there's such a bond already.

It was so good... being able to verbalize things that most people just don't get, and hearing from the other women the same things. Like how I feel stalled, stuck in my relationship with God since losing the twins. Understand, I'm not stuck like a victim- just hearing the shared struggle was so healing.

All of them are around my age and it seems like they like me... I'm nervous but excited about making some potential good friends. Funny how my insecurity shows up, here. At home I had my comfortable friends and my family and Radiant and of course everybody loved me. But meeting strangers and really liking them and thinking they're cool is intimidating. I have to risk rejection. And that makes me pretty nervous.

So there you go.

Ah, and Texans... VOTE!!


  1. yeah, it's different how people who have gone through same experiences as you can relate & connect

    trying to relate what you are feeling with those who have NOT gone through it just doesn't happen

    when i had a miscarriage a well meaning person in a church told me "God told me that you were not really carrying a baby"


    it was very insenitive

    should have kept that bit of info to themself

    perhaps i was carrying an alien or monkey or whatever

    i always thought that life began at conception - doesn't scripture read that God knew us even before we were formed in the womb????

    i'm glad you have a group to relate with, jess

  2. i voted

    and now i'm exploring the possibility of being a delegate for the state convention.

    wouldn't that be COOL!?

  3. so i looked up online where i'm supposed to vote... i put in my TXDL and birthday.... and Crystal Juanita Diaz who lived on rayford rd...." who ever that is" has registered to vote under my dl# errgg

    what in the world? so i called the voter registration people" don't know what they r called" and they said, hmmm i don't know. So now i have to go to my poll, and request a provisional ballet. basicly saying I promise i'm registered, and its out of my hands. then they will figure it all out. Or so they say. so now i'm not sure if i vote according to my address now... or my address that i remember is on my voter registration card?

  4. vote for happy!

    wow, people can be so insensitive and presumptious.
    I like the support group concept!
    very powerful

  5. sounds like voter fraud
    conspiracy theory fodder

  6. i don't know...

    Crystal Juanita Diaz.....

    the lady on the phone told me two voters could have been registered and then accidently merged because we are both in montgomery county, both crystal Diaz. could just be an accident.

  7. that's a pretty big accident. there are a lot of ways to make sure of who a person actually is, especially if you have access to voter & dl information.

  8. I'm suspicious... you should probably vote with your registered address, anyways. And follow up because your driver's license number should not have been compromised.

  9. well, i'm disappointed, but i suspected as such.....
    i have learned that the code of judicial conduct prohibits me from being a delegate because i would have to support a specific candidate.
    i thought that might happen.
    well, perhaps some other year.

  10. why are they called pigtails?? I would tink most women would be offended for anything with the word pig to be used.

  11. And, very cool about your home group. That's how it was when we moved to IL and didn't know anyone. We ended up going to a home group FIRST, before even going to the church. We didn't leave until after 11:00 PM.

  12. Beth- bummer about not being able to be a delegate. Here in WA, you don't have to pledge to one candidate. Shannon and I are both delegates to our county convention, which is April 5th. Depending on who else wants to go on to state, we aren't sure if we will or not. We may just vote for another delegate rather than nominating ourselves.

    We for sure aren’t going all the way to national.

  13. Ron Paul is also up for reelection today in Texas 14th district (Lake Jackson/ Galveston). He’s up against a liberal in conservative clothing... you know, the John McCain type.

  14. I voted this morning........

    I found the new location for 55

    Good grief.....it used to be CutNshoot firedept....5 miles up 105......now they have moved it to FD next to Moorehead ........

    Took Forever to get to work this morning but I VOTED IN THE PRIMARY election FIRST TIME EVER!


  15. jess, great having those near you

    eva, yeah!

  16. i voted 4 obama



  17. I voted for Elvis today. Seemed like the best pick.. or the best picker.

  18. i can say that my whole family made it to the polls - jbird wasn't going to go, but with just a slight bit of encouragement, he picked up his proverbial responsiblity and drove on over there and voted...

  19. All uncertainty is fruitful...so long as it is accompanied by the wish to understand.

    Antonio Machado (1875-1939)

  20. josh,
    what about that terrorist environmental group in WA? they burned down a bunch of new 2 million dollar homes somewhere in that state. is that a big issue in other states?


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