Thursday, August 30, 2007


We went to toddler time at the library this morning. TODDLER time, for 0-3 years. And R2. It was a small group, which I liked a lot. Toby and a few other miscreants (Dylan and Vaughn, according to their nametags) sat still for about 3/10 of a second and then were busy exploring the room.
We sang a song, then the librarian read a book. That was kinda interesting. But there was a big painting of a pig on the wall.

"Ma-ma! Ma-Ma! Mama! Ocaloca mama locka!"

(whispering) "I SEE the pig, Toby! Sit down and listen to the story!"

Sits for a second.

"MAMA! MAMA! Rorrrrrrr!"

(whispering) "I see the kitty, Toby. I see it."


"I see it.."

gone. running.

Me and Vaughn's mama and Dylans grandma: laughing

"Sit down! Sit!"

Ah, forget it. Me and Richy and Brynn and a few others sang Wheels on the Bus and colored a picture. Toby went and got the basket of glue sticks and brought it to me. I gave it back to the teacher. We heard another story.

Vaughn stole Toby's shoes.

Toby saw a baby crawling and took off crawling at breakneck speed around the room.
This seems like a pretty good idea to Vaughn, but not Dylan because he is busy defacing the feltboard.

Ah, the good old days of lofty superiority when my baby sat quietly and listened to the story.

We sang the goodbye song. Toby roared.

We got in the stroller and picked up 2 books and that was it. Time was up.

This funny, crazy busy little man. I am rich.


  1. cute story
    i can visualize this

    i'm anon too

  2. frist on this, too

    i'm anon too

  3. What a sweet story. This makes me miss Story Time

  4. little energetic boys in the library

  5. "Mistakes are painful when they happen, but years later a collection of mistakes is what is called experience."
    -- Denis Waitley

  6. Hey Shannon, How did you find out about that girltalk blog. That was full of really cool stuff and recipes and a lot of video clips.

  7. Hey Eva!
    I sent the e-mails to you.. just from another e-mail that we have. (one that is for ordering things, etc.. I didn't know if you were going to forward it & it would show)

    Soo, hmmm. I'm trying to remember exactly how I heard of the girltalk blog. It was either another girl's blog- in her favorite links.. or it was at the bottom of a e-mail that I receive daily.

    I'm so glad I found it!!!
    It is wonderful & God has used it multiple times in my life.

    It is a mother & her 3 adult, married daughters who contribute to it.

    They usually only do funnies on Fridays, yet a post earlier this week explains why they are doing one every day this week! fun!

    It will be fun having you meet Keith soon! : )

  8. I really enjoy it........

    I will enjoy it more now that I now it is a mother and her three daughters. I thought it was 4 youngins like Jess Steph and you.

    Young know it alls....but Christian.

    Now that I know that there is a wise older woman involved....that makes it even more interesting.

    If I wanted to go straight there..
    what is the address?

    To get there now....I have to go to the old email and granny clip and then go to their archives.

    Thanks Shannon.....

    Your husband is usually the ONLY person who answers my cry for technical help.....and once again .
    he saves the day!

    Love you!


    I am not advertizing any competition......I am a loyal bloggerina right here! BUT..this is really great for some cute stuff and some information and video clips....Christian mom and three daughters......

    Thanks Shannon

  10. Eva,

    You figured out the link.

    The mom and daugthers go to the church pastored by John Piper, who is a great author. We had to read one of his books in Joshua School, and I've read another since.

  11. that baby swim survival video is amazing! I've showed it to a bunch of my peeps already.


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