Monday, August 13, 2007

Smartypants ducks


BethC said...
does licorice expire?

This is the question Ms. Smartypants chose as the column-based question. However, she made the mistake of doing actual research, and thus, lost her humor. Fascinating stuff, though, licorice. A legume.
Liquorice, from Wikipedia...

In other news, I spent a good half hour searching for attractive bald men after Viking Granny's appalling comparisons. Found some good ones. In yesterday's comments.
Richy is finally back from Pennsylvania. He got home yesterday afternoon.... and there was much rejoicing in the land. He really is a fan favorite around here. I considered going to church yesterday, but it would have just been me... and Toby... and Brynn... and the nursery. So, like the proverbial second toe piggie, we stayed home.

In other, other news, we are moving into an apartment in October. We will be literally across the street from Richy's job. The plan is to save some green. Eat at home, etc. I like moving. I like being in a new space and figuring it out. I love this house we're in... it's great and big and beautiful. But it has never felt permanent to me. I wonder if anything ever will.

In other, other, other news, probably going to get Toby's hair cut soon. But just a little.


  1. The original-strong-flavored- yummy! licorice Josh got me last week.. says 'best by 08Apr08' so I suppose I should finish it before I deliver this baby. : )

    I learned during my pregnancy with Keith that it isn't good to have a whole lot of licorice while pregnant. bummer. so I'm spreading it out. too much (200 g/week) causes various things.

  2. I'd normally finish the 450 gram container in one week.. ya, so I have to space it out a LOT. oh, well, it's for my baby. I don't food to be my idol anyway. ; )

  3. ugh... that's a LOT of liquorice... I don't like the flavor.

  4. i love licorice!!!

    tom cruise isn't bald, fyi

  5. no, but he's got a buzz cut in that picture

  6. I am so not a liquorice fan.
    Jess you need to come to TFH this Sunday. It is 3rd Sunday dinner and Will Richards told me he is going to make one of his habenero pineapple upside down cakes.

  7. jabanero pineable upsidedown cake? sounds spicy!

    jess, i didn't know we were doing buzz cute; i thought it was just bald cute.

    but bald/buzz is a little different -- very cute but not the same

  8. Don't like plain (black) liquorice.

    Only like some red (flavored) liquorice.

    Guys with buzz cuts are hot! My mirror tells me so.

  9. Made me smile that Richy got a warm welcome when he got home. It's good for father to be a fan favorite around the home!

    As soon as Keith hears my key in the lock each afternoon, I can hear him through the door getting excited that I'm home. Very fun!

  10. Guys with buzz cuts are very, very hot!

  11. Someone said "hot". Let the debates begin.

  12. Thinkers Anonymous

    It started out innocently enough. I began to think at parties now and then
    -- just to loosen up.

    Inevitably, though, one thought led to another, and soon I was more than
    just a social thinker.

    I began to think alone -- "to relax," I told myself -- but I knew it wasn't true. Thinking became more and more important to me, and finally I was thinking all the time.

    That was when things began to sour at home. One evening I turned off the TV and asked my wife about the meaning of life. She spent that night at her mother's.

    I began to think on the job. I knew that thinking and employment don't mix,but I couldn't help myself.

    I began to avoid friends at lunchtime so I could read Thoreau, Muir,
    Confucius and Kafka. I would return to the office dizzied and confused,
    asking, "What is it exactly we are doing here?"

    One day the boss called me in. He said, "Listen, I like you, and it hurts
    me to say this, but your thinking has become a real problem. If you don't
    stop thinking on the job, you'll have to find another job."

    This gave me a lot to think about. I came home early after my conversation
    with the boss. "Honey," I confessed, "I've been thinking..."

    "I know you've been thinking," she said, "and I want a divorce!"

    But Honey, surely it's not that serious." "It is serious," she
    said, lower lip a quiver.

    "You think as much as college professors and college professors don't make
    any money, so if you keep on thinking, we won't have any money!"

    "That's a faulty syllogism," I said impatiently.

    She exploded in tears of rage and frustration, but I was in no mood to deal with the emotional drama.

    "I'm going to the library," I snarled as I stomped out the door.

    I headed for the library, in the mood for some Nietzsche. I roared into the parking lot with NPR on the radio and ran up to the big glass doors.

    They didn't open. The library was closed.

    To this day, I believe that a Higher Power was looking out for me that
    night. Leaning on the unfeeling glass, whimpering for Zarathustra, a poster caught my eye, "Friend, is heavy thinking ruining your life?" it asked.

    You probably recognize that line. It comes from the standard Thinkers
    Anonymous poster.

    This is why I am what I am today: a recovering thinker.

    I never miss a TA meeting. At each meeting we watch a non-educational
    video; last week it was "Porky's." Then we share experiences about
    how we avoided thinking since the last meeting.

    I still have my job, and things are a lot better at home. Life just
    seemed easier, somehow, as soon as I stopped thinking. I think the road to
    recovery is nearly complete for me.

    Today I took the final step...I joined the Democratic Party

  13. I still have some Dansk Liquorice from back when Jess was pg w/Tobias.

    That is how the Danish spell it.

    I do not see an experation date...
    I do not have my glasses on...
    I am not looking for an exp date..
    it taste deliciouse.

    If that is mispelled...then it too must be spelt in Dansk.

  14. Montel

    .........there is so many more.

    I see their cute faces in my head.

    Just do not know their names.

    Uno Momento Por farvo

  15. Bruce Willis......

    one minute please....

  16. Alan Rachins from LA law.

    He is a cutey....

  17. Billy Zane......

    Jason Statham............

    Michael Jordan..

    Zinedine Zidam....

    Hector Elizondro......

    Robert Duvall.......


  18. Those guys are kinda, well.... old.

  19. What about Peter Boyle, Eva?

  20. Chris Daughtry and Jason Statham are the cutest ever....

    Do not forget about
    DR. PHIL

  21. Hey.....if we are going OLD then what about Sean Connery..and Ed Asner?


  22. Peter Boyle played Frankenstein in a movie once, and that kinda ruined it for me........4ever

  23. i didn't know that N8 was bald...

    why didn't anyone tell me???

  24. n8 shaves his head... he's not naturally bald.

  25. what is all of this focus on the outward appearance....

    1 Sam 16:7
    * for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart."

    2 Cor 4:16-18

    16 Seeing the Invisible

    Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. 17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, 18 while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.

  26. that's true, Eva. Quit thinking about men.

  27. Gee Whiz.......

    I know I know..........

    Its just that time....already..

    Give a girl a break!

    Hey Hey Hey.....Bald men are HOT even though outer appearances do not matter.....

    Only requirement is MOG

    Bald would just be icing on the cake!

  28. Boy that really shut everyone up!

    NITE all!

  29. But what about her heart?
    kidding....late night ice cream and frivolity

  30. Bald is beautiful!


  31. it's amazing you're not as fat as the side of the house with all the ice cream you ingest

    good night ICE CWEAM QUEEM

  32. and a very merry goodnight to you all...

  33. I like the crew cut look, but alas, my husband likes hair.....what to do....

    Josh.....the red stuff is NOT licorice. It's yummy, but it isn't licorice. Licorice is made from a plant.....there exist NO red licorice plants.

    That said, twizzlers make mouths happy, especially mine, not so happy after ingesting.

    Licorice - especially the kind you can buy in Europe and occasionally in the states if you're in the right store - makes my mouth REALLY happy and doesn't seem to have any ill effects on the rest of me.

    Ed Asner does NOT qualify as a hot bald guy.


  34. i found the best bald celebrity pic ever - obviously doctored but great

  35. See there...........

    Bald men ARE fantastic and adorable even from BIRTH on.....

  36. Peter Boyle died earlier this year.
    Did you know that Peter Boyle was a monk in a silent order early on in his life. How did he get from monk to actor???

    Anyway, he was older, but I heard good things about this man. He loved deeply & was deeply loved.

    What wrong with older people?

  37. I have not heard anyone say Telle Savalas. I mean come on he was Kojack, he had a sucker in his mouth all the time. He was the most famous bald guy ever! But as for me I definately prefer hair. I mean even on Sean Connery when he was in The Rock and had long hair, it was a good look for him!

  38. Nothing's wrong with older people... it was just not the best comparisons to cheer a young thinning-hair-er up

  39. who needs hair when you've got a lightsaber?

  40. yunguns with thinning hair should shave the head


    nuff said


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