Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Well, the Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj meetings were pretty wild. The guy looks like an Old Testament prophet. The word he brought was corrective but uplifting... and now we all need to develop lives of prayer.
Really, seriously. Powerful message.

In other news, day two of Potty Training, which is loosely translated as Pee On The Floor. I am hoping that maybe today he will notice when he is wet. Yesterday he would just keep playing and I would walk by and say, Are you wet?? And sure enough. It is very hard to know what is going on in Richy's head. He is a mystery.

I quit praying for him to be healed years ago, but I'm starting again. So many people tell us of dreams where he was healed... I want to believe.


  1. I do believe we can never give up hope. Bill Johnson has a son who is deaf, who prays for the deaf and they are all healed yet he is still deaf. And the Lord has told Bill that his son will be healed so they continue to pray. We serve a mysterious God. The enemy tries to plant so much doubt. Last night I know the Lord touched Madison, I could feel it and so could she. Then this morning she woke up with bad chest pain. I prayed for her sent her back to her room and told her to start thanking Jesus for her healing. She did and when Matt went to pray for her it left. I don't know that the battle will ever end but I am determined to keep fighting and not give way to fear!

  2. Sundar was a blessing to us indeed.

  3. plz give me the lowdown on the service last night
    i had to help elsewhere & missed the end
    were there any healings
    what, what, what happened??????

  4. The end of the service was awesome, he called up all the youth who were serious about being in God's army even to the point of death. And he prayed over them to be filled with fire, to prophecy to move in healing. It was intense. Then he prayed for the sick. Also very intense.

  5. Well, we went to IHOP for dinner last night. That’s pretty intense!

  6. that sounds pretty major, josh.

    BTW... excited about seeing you guys in December!!

  7. ihop is always intense! LOL!

  8. Hey Josh!

    Were there any salvations, healings or deliverances at IHOP?

  9. Their was salvation and healing at IHOP, but no deliverances.

    Salvation (also know as “saved”) - Our first choice for dinner was Olive Garden, but the wait was too long, so we went to IHOP and we saved a lot.

    Healing – Soothing of hunger is very healing.

    Deliverances - These are best preformed by an obstetrician, and their preferred place for a deliverance is a hospital delivery room, not IHOP. Duh!

  10. Jess- happy to see you and the crew in December also!

  11. Josharooni....I have waited more than one year to see you and yours.

    I am very excited about DEC.....

  12. Marys Den sounds a lot like Kevin Prosche.....

    Did Kevin sing lead or does that guy just have a great voice?

  13. quietly speaking...
    i have had a major battle almost my whole life long with allergies and a weak immune system...

    and I had a major mind battle going on the past few days to the point of being very majorly attacked prior to, during, and after the services...

    then, the last night, the night of the "healing service", i found myself not wanting to go because I was SICK!!! that was plain STUPID! so, i went... and had to push myself to go ahead and confess TRUTH and reject LIES..... and my body and mind did not want to go up and be prayed for or receive healing....because...well, frankly, it never happened before...and I don't want to go up and make a spectacle of myself... but, then, i thought about that woman with the issue of blood for years who had tried everything...had paid all she had for healing...and had gone through a lot....and she found out that Jesus had been healing people....she knew what she had to do....

    there was a crowd around her (in my life, the crowd was tormenting doubt, fear and unbelief)

    but, she knew she had to push past....PUSH PAST all that crowd and just reach out enough to touch a tiny piece of his robe... just to touch it...and she KNEW that she would be healed...

    so, I reached out... past the lying devils of infirmity...past the doubts and despair and victim mentality... the crowd that tried to keep me away.... and really REACHED for Him...

    He IS the only answer... HE IS the HEALER.... HE IS THE WAY...

    so, I felt a sense of freedom when I reached and touched HIM...

    my feeble heart is accustomed to the illness, the meds, the symptoms... but, MY SPIRIT GROWS STRONGER EACH DAY AS I KEEP MY HEART AND MIND ON THE GOD OF MY SALVATION... THE GOD OF MY DELIVERANCE.... THE GOD OF MY HEALING...

    so... quietly... i share this with you, my bloggo friends....

    i am weak... but HE IS STRONG
    i am timid... but HE IS STRONG
    i am fearful... but HE IS STRONG

    and, the more I hang around HIM... in prayer, in worship, in reading HIS BREAD and receiving HIS MANNA... and as I stay in the eye of HIS STORM...

    i am becoming more like HIM...

    ok, that's all now...


  14. Jess....on the potty training front, the best advice for boys that worked with mine was to let him tee tee in the back yard and water trees, and fences.

    I tried cheerios in the potty, pull ups, tell me when you are wet, peeing on the floor, what seemed like everything. Then one day in the back yard playing he had an accident and I told him it was ok in the yard, and he was very excited. He still almost one year of solid potty trained likes to pee pee in the yard, on the fence, trees, anything outside. His excitement for outside eventually rolled over inside, except controlled to the potty.

    Good Luck

  15. Richy and Bobby used to chase each other around the house outside and pretending like they had water guns....aiming for eachother.

    Two little toddlers giggling and running bare bottoms and all..

    Such a memory. I can see it clearly.

  16. I witnessed the most beautiful thing tonight at 11:52pm in Labor and Delivery at the Woodlands hospital...

    Mili gave birth to a 9 lb 3 oz little boy named Ian....

    I videod......

    Everyone is doing great!

    Carlos and Tracy were there to root her on.....Mili did fantastic.

    He is so so big....and the cord was wrapped around his neck twice..

    He has a big bruise on his forhead..and he is beautiful.

    Mili is my gorgeouse neice who looks just like me..

    absolutly beautiful.......


  17. congratulations viking granny!


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