Thursday, August 2, 2007

Happy Blogday... belated

I forgot my own blog's birthday.... what kinda rotten... anyways.
Happy 2 years to my blog! Wahooo!
I first began this blog when I was anticipating bedrest in my Toby pregnancy. He was the size of a lime. He is now the size of.... hang on... I have to think of something.nothing comes to mind. He is the size of a 23 pound 19 month old. BIG. He is currently sitting in his high chair downing scrambled eggs like a linebacker. And to think 2 years ago I was really not sure he was real...

Then, about 6 months after he was born, it got boring around here. And so I announced I was pregnant with Brynn. Well, Brynn is almost 6 months old, and it's boring again, so....

You can breathe now, I'm just yanking your chain... Anyway, this blog has been amazing for me and cathartic. And so, off we go into the third year of the ol' gal.

This morning Toby was screeching and R2 was still asleep. So I went and got Toby and I was telling him "Shhh..." And off he goes, "Shh.. chicka chicka bum bum Shh..." He's going to be a champion beatboxer... seriously. I can tell when he's doing cymbals, bass kick, snare... the kid is some kinda prodigy.


  1. happy bd

    wheres josh



  2. Happy Blog B Day.

    Josh is here.

    Toby the beatboxer. . . very cool.

    Toby is 23 lbs at 19 months. Keith is already 26 lbs at 15 months. Probably the height, Keith is 33 inches (95%). What’s Toby’s height?

  3. I don't know... I'll have to find a measuring tape

  4. Until then you can look at a video from Feb I put on my blog. We uploaded it to YouTube back then, but never posted it anywhere.

  5. Guten morgen! Wie gehts?

    Oh wait...

    Howdy y'all! 'Sup?

    I am currently NOT singing in the rain. I am, however, singing in my my head...not outloud. You couldn't hear me if I sang outloud, so why waist my breath. So, I employ my cranial singing skills...memememe *cough*...Happy birthday dear blog, happy birthday dear blog, happy birthday dear blooooogyyyyyy, happy birthday tooooooooo yooooouuuuuuuuu! ...And many morrrrrrrrre.

    P.S. the deleted comment was mine. It said the same as this, but I found an error that made my skin crawl.

  6. ooh! ooh!

    what was the skin crawling error??!!!

  7. I will tell you when I check my email. Unless it's obscene or profane...

  8. I just spent a loooooooooong time looking for the error... not very exciting.

  9. Lunch time... really yummy organic minestrone soup and strawberries.

  10. Also, just watched a 10 minute video of Texas Congressman Ron Paul talking at the National Right to Life Convention. Ron Paul is running for President and has my full support.

    Watch it here.

  11. (Last deleted comment same as this one, but all the text ran together)

    Parts of an article on the Seattle paper’s website:

    Car-pool lane not for dummies

    Fed up with backups and endless brake lights, some drivers are zipping through the HOV lane with a secret: That person in their passenger seat isn't actually breathing.

    Last week Trooper Tony Brock pulled over a Black Diamond man for cruising in the Highway 167 car-pool lane with a dolled-up mannequin as his fellow rider.

    It wasn't the first time Brock had seen drivers resorting to creative schemes to bypass rush-hour gridlock.

    A stuffed sweat shirt topped with a ball cap pulled low is not an uncommon tactic for drivers seeking an instant passenger. Some are meticulous about strapping the clothes into a seat belt, just in case.

    Empty child car seats covered in blankets are standard ruses, although the particularly crafty sometimes place a plastic baby doll inside.

  12. Shannon is at a swim park with her moms group. It's one of those neat ones that has water shooting from the groud and has pools and stuff.

  13. Keith is also at the swim park, just in case you were wondering.

    = )

    Time for a walk. The weather is perfect!

  14. Howdy all,

    I am very, very, very, BORED!!!!

    I got here at 9:00am and had all my work done by about 9:15am. Besides answering the phone sporadically there is nothing to do. And boredom has seriously set in. I have got to find a new job.

  15. You know Toby and little Eli Tullos have alot in common. Eli loves the drums. As soon as church is over he points at the drums. Give him some drum sticks and he goes to town. I have watched him try to copy whatever beat Matt does. It is so cute.

  16. Okay miss Happy! Skin crawling was from a typo and a very poor word choice. Not THAT big of a deal. It just stinkin bugged me. ...So Jess, you can see the text of the messages that get deleted, eh?

  17. Thanks Ang, you are so sweet! But just because you have known me most of my life doesn't mean you have to say that!

  18. Jennifer, Jennifer! You sweet petunia you! ...Memories....from the corners of my mind...misty water colored memories...of the way you wuzzzzzzz. lol

    and no, I don't care if I got the words right or not.

  19. many people can now not stop singing "memories"??? lol

    ...scattered pik-tures...

  20. I hate that song. It is one of those songs you always here in hotel elevators that gets stuck in your head for like hours. And leaves you saying curse you Barbara Streisand!

  21. You know I think I prefer the way I am now over the curly hair and braces of yester year!

  22. Wow, Angie. I never knew there were so many cuss words! And alphabetized, too!

  23. Must ... watch ... video ... on ... my ... blog ... click my profile ...

  24. Woo Jess......I remember that I was in Danmark in August after the Blog was created........

    I did not realize that it had only been 2 years.....Hurricanes Rita and Katrina .....Toby and Brynn..

    So much has happened in only two years.

    Life is running by......while I play catch up....and God redeems all of the lost years.


  25. I sure wish that I could sign in again.....Wassup with my comptuer..?

  26. Ooooooooooo

    I did it.....Good Greif..

    Clammy, I am so glad that you are Happy again.



    Hey ......Where is JOSH?

    and where are my Tshirts???

    Zepeda is here...YIPPPEEEEE

    This week has been rough with no time to spend with her....but Tomorrow we will make up for it all.

    We are going to crash Jan@work.....

    and paint the town red and maybe even get stuck in Houston Traffic.

    What high expectaions we have.

    No Frog hunting THIS weekend.....

    THIS weekend is Bedste Weekend..

    self self and self and cleaning.

    Not too much cleaning..


  27. your t-shirts are riding around in the trunk of my clean car...


    i've got to quit my job and be a stay-at-home mom... you girls get all the good stuff of life...

    waking whenever someone hollars...

    (i wake whenever i hear one young man running to catch his ride with one old man...early in the morning...with young man wearing large work-boots...and old man having just filled his metal drinking container with ice from the ice machine...)

    mind - you - i am not ready to wake up at that time... but, sleeping in a room so close to the kitchen and back door, i HEAR EVERY one who gets a drink or opens the frig or opens or closes the doors (front and back)... so, no wonder i have bags under my eyes and have a racing heart...

    i am NOT getting enough sleep!!!

    so - me and Pappy PC are looking and searching God to find out if He is willing for us to find a new nest... closer to the freeway... (freeways are called that because it doesn't cost to drive on them)


    i know, i know... we've lived in this house over 7 years now... why didn't we figure this out earlier???

    i think because my kids were home more and we had more similar schedules... but now... they're all GONE most nights... and when they DO come in... it is very late...

    ok -

    i'll give other reasons i want to be a SAHM in another chapter...


  28. OH! LOL!! I get it, Jess! I was scrolling through all the messages I wrote, looking for alphabetized cuss words that I didn't know I had written! Ahahahahahaaaa!!! Good one! I see you got my covert operative action, eh? ...and I didn't even know I KNEW that many cuss words! Obviously I need to be kept in your constant and fervent prayers. ...Let us bow our heads.

  29. Jennifer: I sit here enjoying much laughter at the thought of you singing "memories", remembering how much you hate it, followed by the temptation to curse Miss Bawbwa. Good times.

    Mama: I'm sorry you're not getting enough sleep. I've heard that if you leave your bedroom window slightly cracked, a large Luna Moth will come and lull you to sleep while gently flapping his glowing wings. It's amazing! ...If you're into that sort of thing.

  30. Frist Frist Frist after daybreak.

    I know I such thing...

    I am off to have a blast......

    How often do I get a work day off to stay in town.,NEVER....

    FYI.........Orphanage trip Next weekend....Leaving August 10-4am or something crazy like that.

    Everyone needs to give the items that they have been saving for the Orphans to SYLVIA.....She is leaving directly after CHURCH Sunday. Any additional items can be given to myself or ms Scott... and we will take them the following weekend.

    I do not have enough space in my home to stash and store Orphanage I will be unable to receive them at a later date.

    Please send them now.

    Thank you so much. Those sweet little babies appreciate it...

  31. “Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.”

    Deuteronomy 31:6


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