Monday, August 6, 2007

Smartypants explains

Anonymous said...
Dear Ms Smartypants,
What is it that drives you to concoct such a plan as an advice column? Was it that your early childhood vision of being the 1st female president was dashed? Would you actually give up that dream to one HC?
My dear reader... first I feel it necessary to apprise you... Ms. Smartypants and "Jess" are two different characters. Not different personalities, mind you. Just different characters.
This reporter (Ms. SP) was given the idea of beginning an advice and information column after noticing the sad state of affairs in the world at large. With her comprehensive understanding of human nature and neuroses, it was only fitting that she share her gift.
Many people suffer from delusions in this day and age. By bringing clarity to burning issues like the appropriate times to wear pantyhose, or why Japanese children may or may not have bad breath, she brings just a little light into what has become a darkened and hose-less culture. She also straightens out wayward young men full of vim and vigor, who attempt to turn buildings on their sides and stuff them in airplane hangars and the like.
Ms. Smartypants has a vision to impart practical wisdom and fashion advice. Thank your lucky stars.

As far as being President... I haven't ruled it out. But right now I have three kids in diapers.... I would probably blow up Iran just to avoid some of these offerings....


  1. Like the new look!


  2. Man! Just one comment so far.

    Ev1 must be napping.

  3. going to attempt beef stroganoff... first time EVER
    well, besides the Hamburger Helper kind

  4. Hmmm, interesting. More later, I'm sure.

  5. Mrs. Smartypants strikes again!

    Beef stroganoff sounds tasty.

  6. brown hamburger drained
    garlic/onion powder
    cream of Mush
    Cream of Chick
    16oz sour cream

    mixed and heated and served over noodles..................



    Did you make brown goolash or red goolash....what goes in JDC Goolash?

  7. I like the new blog also.........

    except I have no choice but to wear my glasses now....cannot read a thing.....

    Old blog front page was easier to read....

  8. I made it with beef stew meat and rice... and cream o mushroom and cream o chicken. It was quite good.

    What part can't you read? Is it a color problem or font size or what?

  9. hi!

    i think it's the overall color -
    pea green soup-colored green = it is hard on the eyes...

    and also, the font is too small for my eyes...

    you asked...


  10. eva! that was a horrible pic of the boy with the fork in his nose!!!

    my sister called me yesterday about a minister-friend of theirs... who has a boy who was running with drum sticks... and one went through the boy's eye and into his brain!!! they rushed him to the E.R. where they did brain surgery to remove the embedded stick... but the boy is affected now...

    that picture really made me cringe and hurt inside... and you know i've seen a the hospital...

    be careful everyone with your little ones and their playthings...


  11. i love the picture of the little boy with the fork.

    i'm not a sicko; i just think that it's a great example to show your kids...because kids never believe you that something could happen if they run with sharp objects.

    so this is a way to bring home the realness without showing them the picture of the kid with the drumstick in his eye - which could be quite traumatic.....just the imagination of it was sort of traumatic to me.....

    and that little boy was a little bit proud of his crazy i smiled at him a little.

    great fork pic

  12. oh and mamapc,

    you've been sporting this "image does not exist" icon for probably a week now....want me to send you some pictures?

  13. about the new look....

    i started to make a crack about the problem being unrelated to font size or color and instead that age was the problem....

    and then i went to look at it and realized that i would also need my glasses if i stayed there long...

    i think it's the font size

  14. Grammar EnthusiastAugust 7, 2007 at 7:28 AM

    Today's lesson:

    Who is going and with whom?

    The words "me" and "I" can be very tricky.

    Many who seek to use these words properly make some tragic mistakes which may easily be avoided. Please allow me to show some examples of standard (meaning corect) and nonstandard speech.

    standard: "Jessica and I are going to the mall."

    nonstandard: "Me and Jessica are going to the mall."

    standard: Nathan Remmers went to the mall with Jessica and me.

    nonstandard: Nathan Remmers went to the mall with Jessica and I.

    To understand the difference, please notice that "I" is always a subject, and "me" is always an object. A subject is the noun doing the action. An object is the noun to which the action is being done.

    Many who understand this principle often use the second nonstandard example, "Nathan Remmers is going to the mall with Jessica and I." An easy way to avoid this mistake is to imagine the sentence in your head without the additional object. For example, you would not say, "Nathan Remmers is going to the mall with I." You would instead say, "Nathan Remmers is going to the mall with me." Therefore, you can understand that the standard and correct form is "Nathan Remmers is going to the mall with Jessica and me."

    Have a lovely day everyone.


  15. i don't think the new color change helped the readability

  16. i have to disagree with all the color and font comments. I love the new look, and a person has to be savvy to "find" the comments link...all the more interesting. my immediate reaction was "wow" i like this design!

    21 today!


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