Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Annumversary

Last year, as I was attempting to write a gooshy blog about our anniversary, my spouse and I engaged in what could be known by some circles as an "argument". So I just posted pictures. Today, exactly one year later, as I began, once again, to write a sentimental blog... Toby started a level II whine and R2 just came and stood on my foot. And so I went and made oatmeal and now I have about 2 minutes before Toby throws the bowl and tries to launch himself from his highchair.

11 years. It's been good. I like these kids a lot. I like my husband a lot. I'm ready for him to come home now.

The format of Ms. Smartypants' column will be changing this week to include only ONE question. She will choose the question from all those submitted, and will craft a column from her answer. You may submit questions from now until Sunday night, and the chosen question will be showcased Monday "morning".




  2. We did call yesterday evening. Josh only talked to Jeremy.. Meredith was at a home group. Jeremy said he would tell her when she got home. : )

    We told Jere about you knowing from the blog & having to hold it in. He said, "ya, I drove her home from work."

    You had to hold it in after just finding out!! sorry : (

  3. hey.. my sad faced split in half!
    : ( there.

  4. HEY! 3 red roses just arrived at my door! HAppy Anniversary!

  5. and the gooshy message says something about 3 roses and 3 babies...

  6. awe!

    good job richy!

    maybe there's a lovely outing planned, and he's just buttering you up for later.

    how exciting...


  7. yeah, shannon, and then i was with Meredith all evening - at home group and before and after - i kept waiting for her to get the call so i could tell her i already knew, but nothing ever happened. =)


  9. wow, a new Peterson son or daughter! great news

    Happy 11th Ani-versery...and the 11th comment too.

  10. dang, 12th and 13th comment instead.
    gotta be fast

    thanks, beth for the info

  11. i personally enjoy being organized and have a plan so it frees up more time (scheduled) for fun.
    spontaneous cleaning can work too!
    like the idea of getting the boys to help. that's a win-win!

  12. Happy- ya, I didn't want to interupt the home group

    maybe I shoulda anyway, hee hee

    Jess- husband sweetness, awesome! right when you said 3 roses, I guessed the reason before seeing it! how special.

  13. Happy Anniversary Richy & Jessica! Good idea for 3 roses.

    Happy- we would’ve called Meredith after we talked to Jeremy, but we didn’t want to interrupt. You passed the self control test. Congratulations!

  14. Awww Richy is so sweet!

    Speaking of baby news, I have been so tired and not feeling to good...

    Oh I am just kidding!!!!!

    Just trying to scare my mother a little!!!! I know she reads the blog!

  15. The "Mrs. Incubator" comment was for Shannon.

  16. How about this- I figured out a couple months ago that we know 5 couple who have previously had only boys and in the last year have ALL had girls.

    Richy & Jess
    Matt & D’ana
    Tom & Lisa Stiles
    And 2 couple that we know here

    Is the writing on the wall for us?

    (By the way, having a girl would be great with me.)

  17. Happy Anniversary!!

    2 years more than Mark and me -- ours is August 22 -- 9 years!

    When does yo man get home? Hopefully today so you can go on a date.

  18. And congratulations to Josh and Shannon! =)

    I'm thinking Keith needs a little brother.

    Shannon -- how are you feeling? May your morning sickness be minimal! =)

  19. And re: the Domestic Goddess thing....

    I have not yet been successful with the whole "buy for a month" thing. I greatly admire those who do. It's just too overwhelming to me.

    I CAN however, buy for two weeks using a plan I got from Kimberly. I really don't like feeling obligated to have Stroganoff on Tuesday, Spaghetti on Monday, etc. So I just write down 14 days of dinners (and/or breakfast, lunches) I would like to have in the next 2 weeks (or 7 or 10 days or whatever I need). And I (try) to only buy the ingredients for those meals. I write these down on a small whiteboard on the side of the fridge and it's like a menu. I can make whatever we feel hungry for that day. And I'm not stressed about what to fix. I don't actually end up using all 14 days worth of food b/c of leftovers, days we eat out, etc., but that just means a few more days before I'm required to go back to WalMart.

  20. And for keeping the house in order, I've been following the "FlyLady" plan.

    She GIVES you the plan to develop a routine to keep your house clean and de-cluttered so you never have to have "spring cleaning madness" again. Or the "Hurry up and clean - someone's coming over! Shove that in the closet!" syndrome.

    I'm still a long way from a decluttered and less messy home (I won't say clean -- I have kids! I know it's clean under all those toys!). But now I can have folks just drop over without feeling completely embarrased about the state of my home. And the house is slowly getting in some form of order. The boys even get with the plan from time to time and help with picking up toys, dishes, etc.

  21. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! My mom is taking the kids tonight because they are getting up early to go to the zoo in Lufkin. So I think Matt and I are going to go check out the Richey Road Movie Tavern. I have not been there yet but my friends have told me it is pretty good. Have any of you been down there before?

  22. Mrs. Incubator : )

    Lisa- thanks! I'm feeling well, just can tell I'm stretching & growing inside already. One of my friends said our bodies do that faster after the first time.. they already know how to do this & what's up. : )

    It's different already needing to bend down & get things or correct Keith.. wow, I'll get more of a workout during this pregnancy, with Keith here!

  23. hey Lisa.. I forgot what you look like.. you'll REALLY need to put some pictures of you up soon. Soon!! ; D It'll be good to see you! I have more pictures on myspace, if you have one too. The link is on Jess' main page at the top.

  24. hey josh... I emailed you at your comcast addy

  25. Enough of Keith's injured face for my picture.

  26. Tom Stiles boy just turned 2 today, already.

  27. and again, I bid you adieu,,, although last night I stayed up till midnight reading....

  28. Happy Anniversary Babies!

    11 years is a LONG time.....

    What a great life you have.

    What a sweet hubby (3 roses)

    He was raised right!

    What a MAN!

  29. Dear Ms SmartyPants..........

    What is the difference between a Mule and a Donkey and a Burro and an animal called an Ass?

  30. oh, I forgot the burro

    um, a tall dresser??

  31. that's a good question, yet it's easily found searching on google..
    ; )

    a mule has the parents of a male donkey & a female horse.. & since the chromosomes don't match, a mule can then not have offspring

    & well the other animal.. I didn't feel the desire to do the search
    : D

  32. male donkey = burro, also jack
    female donkey = jennet or jenny

  33. heeeeeee haaaaaw

    reminds me of a line in 'It's a Wonderful Life'

  34. well, jess, you are losing your ms. sp...

    like my pipe???

  35. I tried to post this a few days ago from the college we are ministering at, but it didn't work... so here is a delayed post...:

    Hum. The hair comments.... Strange today. I was talking to the team as to whether I should shave my head or not... wanting to look kept an all. (very important ministry decision) And a guy from the host church comes up and says, "man, you have a lot less hair than last time I saw you." :(

    Then later in the day, I'm in the lunch line here at the college we are ministering at, and the lunch guy says "what do you want," and I say, "the chicken looks good, I need some protein." And another lunch guys says, "give him something that will help grow his hair." :(

    Then I log on to Jess's blog, and see that my hair has been of discussion. My own mother says, "My poor little bald baby." :(

    So I'm at a loss, and need to make some important decisions. I have a fat viking head and don't look approachable .... totally bald. But, Elisha was bald, Lou is bald. God loves bald people, I guess... - Richy

  36. hey, eva, not too much going on in here

    jess i hope you're ok....

    missed thee today!
    how many hair brushes came in the mail???

  37. if the Petersons have a daughter, will they have to change her last name?

  38. What is so wrong with letting things happen naturally?

    Why not just keep your hair the way it is.

    I actually like it like Robert has right now.

    Cut real short all over.

    So what if it is getting thinner on top.

    O well.

    You are a handsome man regardless.

    Why rush things and shave it all off.

    I do not see the reasoning in it.

    Let it happen naturally.

    When Richard and Robert were born, they were both bald on top and had hair from above the ears on down all the way back.

    Like ...... Mel on Dick Van Dyke show.....or Tim Conway on Carol Burnett...or ......the Marine Colonel on McCalls Navy.....

    Handsome men are bald !

    NO biggy.

    IF you keep a "crew" cut..I personally think it looks great.

    Please do NOT shave your entire head........

    You will never completely loose all your hair..

    You are NOT going both have receiting hair lines and they happen to be receiting back really really far........

    SO WHAT......

    You were adorable when you were born and you are adorable now...
    and you will be adorable in 5-10 years with a lot or very little on top.....

    Can't go wrong..just go with it..
    don't push it...or manipulate it..
    just go with the flow.....or the lack of the flow....


  39. Dr Mrs. Smartypants,

    In your opinion, what causes premature balding?

    Hairless in Harlem

  40. Viking Granny,
    I'm not sure that would've made him feel better. =)

  41. Bald Men are attractive.

    I have seen several BALD men that I would be happy to DATE if they met all of the other requirements.

    Hair doesn't make it or break it for most women.

  42. Bald Men are attractive.

    I have seen several BALD men that I would be happy to DATE if they met all of the other requirements.

    Hair doesn't make it or break it for most women.

  43. Dear Ms Smartapants

    Why are men obsessed with the hair on their heads and Women obsessed with ..........everything else?

  44. "There are those of us who are always about to live. We are waiting until things change, until there is more time, until we are less tired, until we get a promotion, until we settle down -- until, until, until. It always seems as if there is some major event that must occur in our lives before we begin living."
    -- George Sheehan

  45. IOW........


    Enjoy TODAY.....

    Enjoy whatever season of life you are in.

    God uses everything.

    Life is GOOD!

  46. VKG's examples

    Tim Conway

    Mel from the Dick Van Dyke show

    Ahem. Now I will go find some ATTRACTIVE bald men.


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