Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Bedtime around here has gotten to be a bit of a production... wailing and gnashing of teeth and so on. So, I've started talking about the next day as an incentive to sleep. Like, "Now, tomorrow is Sunday, and we're going to church! Isn't that great?" and so on.... last night was pretty weak. "Tomorrow, we're going to make PBJs for lunch! Don't you want to make PBJ's??"
Needless to say, it wasn't incentive enough.

I'm in a bit of a slump. I don't know why... but my kids are getting on my nerves and my house is wrecked. So, today I will be un-slumping. Beginning with dressing "Baby"... R2's doll is busting the nekkid...



  1. busting the nekkid...

    that's funny

    and frist twice in one day......y'all are slackin'!

  2. okay so that font is bigger and darker... no?

  3. some better, but i'm still squinting, and i'm not old

  4. no slakin' here kiddo


    kids don't like bedtime

    that's a bummer

    do you read to them at bedtime

    say to them, "now little ones, get your jammies on & hop into bed then i will read you a fun story"

    they should get excited about that

    especially if you read dr seuss

  5. oh yeah,one more thing

    you must use funny voices for the different characters as you read to them

  6. hey clammy
    how do I hire your hubby to do lawn stuff? I read on your blog that he started a bizness

  7. if they scream you tell them no more story time

    that's the end of that

  8. you could even dress up funny

    kids of all ages like that

    especially r2 - he will dig it

  9. Yeah, but then they scream when the story's over...

  10. jess, email me


  11. then I'm back where I started... thanks for the advice! LOL

  12. well, yes, you would be back to where you were

    gee whiz my kids loved bedtime
    they looked forward to story time
    they never fussed at bedtime so i don't really have any other advice to give


    you poor poor thing
    (strokes jess' forhead while saying poor poor thing)

    ok that is it
    no more pity
    you are on your own now

  13. angelag

    if one of those anonomi is you, please email me.....

    i need to ask you a professional question, and i don't remember your email addres

  14. You could always threaten them with a butcher knife. Not that know if it works or not.... I've just heard things.

  15. Really, Keith had a VERY hard time going to sleep on his own. Now we put on the PJs, brush his teeth, take him in his room and read a couple short stories. Then say tell him it's sleepy time.... time to lay down with blue bear (his bear), lay him down, and walk out. No more crying, just hear him moving around till he's comfy, and then he's asleeps.

    I'd say more, but I'm between presentations I'm doing today, so maybe more later.

  16. man, you should have the advice column

  17. mr. rudeypants?

    I'm not giving any names, but some female who lives under the same roof as I will be in trouble when I get home.

    Time for the presentation.

  18. sudden sports fan since it got kind of awkwardAugust 7, 2007 at 5:17 PM


    how 'bout those astros!

  19. im not angelag or whoever

    sorry happy

    but i could email you if you want me too


  20. i'm tryin to apply a new pic...

    sorry for the one there>>>

    you gotta have priorities!!!

    i remember bed times... there were never enough of them...and no one wanted to sleep at the same time...

    i needed MORE naps than all of my young kiddoes...

    so, i'd gather them around me... girls with books and dolls with hairbrushes...and jeremiah with small toys and rolling massage animals...
    and they'd sit on the back of my bed...and talk and laugh and entertain themselves while i snored...

    once, jeremiah was rolling a wooden elephant massage tool on my lower legs... up and down he'd roll... i would be laying, lying, lieing on my stomach, and he'd roll that elephant from my toes, up to my knees and then back down again... anyway, one day, at nap time... he announced... mind you, he was 5 years old...

    he said...

    "mom, those aren't calves.... THOSE ARE COWS!!!"

  21. when j bird was 4, he slowly pulled my socks off (at my request) and, as i was sitting on the couch, he took a sock and began a routine that he performed quite skillfully. he took the sock, and slid it down between my toes...between each of the toes... and slowly announced when i questioned "what are you doing?"...

    he said "i'm flossing your toes..."

  22. he was quite the funny little character with his 72 cowlicks!

    i never KNEW he had naturally curly hair!!! i shouldda let it grow back then!

    we had a hard time getting it to do any kind of style!

  23. naptime was when lindsey and han came into my room, while i was drooling-dead asleep and said "mom, look!"

    one eye peeped open, and noticed Lindsey with a pair of scissors... and in her hand was hannah's yellow blonde hair! she had cut a chunk of hair, at least 1 inch wide, by 15 inches long... out from under hannah's long tresses!!!

    all i could do was smile.... what do you do???

    i enjoyed the naps...

  24. one night, when i went to bed before linds (i left her quietly playing in her room) she said later that she had a visitor to her room that night... she was about 2-3 yrs old...

    she said an angel came into her room and danced and jumped on her bed!

  25. motherly advice - that i'd wished i'd learned earlier

    mom's - take vitamins - a good strong stress vitamin... it makes things go much better in your life

    mom's - get the kids involved in a lot of physical activities outside.... hard play helps them take good naps and/or good bedtimes!

    dad's - if the mama's grumpy - offer to watch the kids while she goes to bed early one night... or several nights in a row!!! and truly WATCH the kids - not just say you will... :-) a mom cannot rest too well if the daddy doesn't really WATCH the kids...

    mom's get rid of caffeine... for you and your kids... it gets everyone's systems messed up...

    ok - that's enouhg!

  26. Grammar EnthusiastAugust 8, 2007 at 7:09 AM

    Dearest MamaPC,

    You were lying on your stomach.


  27. very interesting blog post for your reading pleasure (if i do say so myself)

  28. oh...go to lisrog.blogspot.com

  29. Mamapc...like the frog the rest is too small to read even with Glasses.

    I could not survive emotionally without my 3 boys having some kind of nap time.

    Even when they were too old for naps......they had to lay down with a book and be Q for a couple hours.

    I was a much better mommy for it.

    When Richy and Bobby got 7-8 ect..they had to either stay OUT or in and be Q for 2 hours why Chuckypoo slept.....preferably OUT.

    I watched 3 hours of soap operas for about 5 years......
    during "naptime"
    ..what a waste.........

    Laundry got folded.....lunch mess got cleaned up and dinner started..
    all during All my Children....One life to live.....and General Hospital...

    Not much of a rest...

  30. yes, how sad the hours we wasted watching the SOAPS

    i watched those same ones for a year or two when i was 2-3 years married...

    our first year of marriage we did not have a television... and we didn't feel we needed one...

    then, my sis gave us one... and on lunch breaks from work, i'd watch whichever one was on... they are so addicting!!! addictive!!!

    then, one day, I had a vision of me throwing the t.v. out of the apartment window...because i KNEW it had to be that violent of a break... i never did actually throw it out that window... but, at that time, we severely curtailed the amt of t.v. watching...

    since the 40 days prior to THE CALL and we didn't turn on t.v. except for one or two family dvd's that we watched together with jeremiah...purposefully....to spend time with him.... i've been so much more aware of how much that creepy world tries to creep into our home through that box

    hey - some how, when i have tech time, i'll change this pic


    i'm picking up my Nannaw and my mother and we're going to purchase flowers for Nan to take to Paw's grave this afternoon then, we're going to PAPPASITOS with my youngest sister Nellie for her BDAY!



    slept late - wierd late-sleep day dreams... but, i'll take-em...


    now, rushing to wrap a gift and run....

    thanks g.e. for the advice

    i also need advice on the use of apostrophies....

    will be awaiting your post

    love to all and all to love!!!

  31. is there really still no Wednesday post?

  32. Grammar EnthusiastAugust 8, 2007 at 12:54 PM

    Oh, dear MamaPC!

    A simple blog post could not possibly contain the information required to adequately explain all of the appropriate and inappropriate uses of the apostrophe.

    Perhaps you have a specific quandary.


    P.S. The plural of apostrophe is apostrophes.

  33. I like the new blog look. I don't know if you've changed it since the initial comments or not, but the way it is at 3:55 pm is pretty groovy.

    ..Is there inflation on "2 cents"? If so, that's my 4 cents. ...I don't know...that just doesn't work for me. hmmm...



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