Thursday, August 23, 2007

school time

I have this dream of being this homeschool mom. You know, with a place for everything and everything in its place. And crafty little ideas that R2 can grasp and just have it together in general. Whenever I think about this woman, I get discouraged. I have lots of ideas, lots of creativity. But I don't know how to really get in Richy's head. And sometimes I think if I tried it, I would just keep working forever and ever and never get anywhere.
Some things he picks up and runs with- so I'm always on the lookout and hoping for some clue as to his thought process.
Logical things, like stack the blocks on top of each other, make a circle with the Playdoh- he has no real interest in, doesn't seem to have any understanding. And yet his sense of humor is highly defined... he understands subtleties and context that other kids don't. He understands music. He likes to be read to.... that's a key, I know. But his brain is a mystery to me in all the kind-of academic places.

Homeschool starts next week- maybe the week after. I have to make a plan.


  1. that's very exciting! it's like a treasure hunt to find the paths into r2's intricate mind.

    also, i've heard and read things that make me think that if he get's music, then if you focus on developing that, it will also help develop other areas.

    very exciting!


  2. You are very creative Jess and you will do fine........

    God will give you all the ideas you need as you need them, just ask HIM.

    What about sewing cards for hand eye coordination?

  3. If he can grasp & enjoy music, R2 might grasp & enjoy numbers & counting. I have always been told by music teachers that this is very common.

  4. Not frist!

  5. School.... you can do school. you're a genious!

    Awesome news from MPC on the job!

  6. THANKK YOU!!!

    it is finally sinking in... that i will ONLY HAVE TO WORK ON MON - FRIDAYS!!! i've never had that type of nursing job!

    when I said 6 weeks vacation... they don't pay us for holidays or sick days or anything else...just give us so many hours of PTO (Paid Time Off)... and once, when I had a major surgery back in 2002, I hadn't used any of my PTO prior to the surgery, and I was able to be OFF THE WHOLE 6 WEEKS FOR RECOVERY without missing any pay!!!

    That's why I say 6 weeks' vacation. I don't know how you Human Resources Peeps call it...

    Nursing is a very good profession to enter...and we need more good, intelligent, caring individuals to join the field. They pay us well, to keep us and to get quality people. The hospital is considering having services brought into the hospital...where the nurses and other staff there could bring their laundry or dry cleaning and then pick it up the next day, gift services, auto care services, etc... of course, we'd have to pay for it, but it would really be a convenience...

    any hoo.. thanks for the congrats!

    as the reality of the new job sinks in, i'm growing with excitement!

  7. jess,

    that harmonica serenade by tobias clark was awesome! my girls and i were majorly impressed!

  8. MPC- Human Resources Peeps would call it 6 weeks PTO.... for the record.

  9. ok, lindsey brooke, i wrote you a blog

    and, since i have two daughters, i wrote one especially addressed to hannah too

    if others wish to read a marm's words to her dotts, then go to my blog

    good night

    gotta get some zzz's....

    hugs and keeses

  10. I suppose I should take a moment to write a blog to Jeremiah John as well.... but it might take too long, so i'll start a short one tonight.... and continue as history continues...

    Part One

  11. thanks to God for my Godly man!

  12. Oh my it finally worked ! I tried getting on here the other day with my old account but I forgot my password and I couldn't find the thingy to send me the password in my email or i had to make another account. How rude! Just kiddin glol.

    But I just wanted to say hey to everyone since it's been forever since I have posted online here. I hardly ever get online anymore and when I do it's just to check myspace for a little bit and that's it.

    I've been really busy hanging out with people and working and mainly working and working--- yeah the story of my life :o) They had me closing every night this week!!!

    So yeah HEB is upsetting me. But in other news I got a job offer possibly for a nanny job that pays....continue on down will make a new comment since t his one is long lol

  13. way more than what I make at HEB. It is for a 2 month old baby boy it will be 7am-5pm Monday-Friday $450 a week....I just LOVE that set schedule thing. Of course I wouldn't quit HEB I would work there two nights a week.

    So I realize now that this is yesterday's blog hopefully everyone will still read it even after Jessica posts one for tomorrow!

    Note : I will be at Carrie's Coffee Mill tomorrow to hear Hannah sing so if you guys wanna see me too i will be there! :oP Not singing, mind you lol... Carrie's Coffee Mill is my second home; I love guys. Also 24 hr watch will be there tomorrow night andight and they are AWESOME!!!!

    Anyway so I wanted to say hi. Once again my myspace is I am not even sure I spelled ISIAH right did? Lol yeah im sleepy.!!! i miss all you guys

  14. HI KT

    Welcome back to Blogland!


  15. OMG I just realized when I typed "Carrie's Coffee Mill is my second home" I put " I love guys" and I MEANT to put "I LOVE THOSE GUYS!!!" (meaning the Carpenter family!!) and meaning those PEOPLE not that I LOVE GUYS!!! I mean....I do dont get me wrong....but oh man
    *insert foot in mouth*!!!!

    I hope that made you laugh like it made me laugh......!!!!

  16. Good morning all, Well I took the big plunge of the bridge this morning and gave my notice at my job. This has become a very difficult place for me to work and the demands on my time from home are great. So I am going to try to help Matt get his business off the ground and running good, and maybe start baking more again. It is weird all of the sudden I have had people asking me if I was going to start making pies and stuff again. I have not had the time till now. So we shall see. If I start taking orders you guys will be the first to know!

  17. Hi Katie,
    It is good to hear from you again. I am glad to hear you are doing well!

  18. Hey Katie-- glad you're doing good.

    "I love guys" - that's a funny typo. = )


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