Thursday, August 16, 2007

I was a genius when I was a kid. Some of you know that. I tested post-high school on the SATs when I was in first grade.

You wouldn't be able to tell it now.... what kind of genius takes 3 kids to Walmart at naptime and/or lunchtime? That's what I'm sayin. I heard another kid screaming all the way through the store. Like angry tantrum screaming. We don't have that. We just have high-pitched whining and subversive attempts to climb out of the cart or throw things out of the cart when Mommy's distracted. And again, and again, and again. And again.

Man. It makes me tired just remembering it. BUT- I tried to shop for my two week plan! We shall see if it works.
Then, last night, Tobes and I went on a date to get his picture taken because we got a haircut. I thought I would cry, but it was just a tiny haircut and he still looks like a baby. Whew! We also entered him in a contest to be in an ad campaign for Yobaby yogurt... it would rock if we won.

Don't YOU want some yogurt??

Click to enlarge...


  1. wow
    i vote for toby!
    cute and happy babies!

  2. TOBY would be a great yogurt baby!

    an anonymous: not past or passed, pasted, like to copy and to paste
    but in past tense

  3. Awww Toby would be so cute on a carton of yogurt!!!!

  4. When I read “Yoplait's baby yogurt” on your post I thought… “hmm Yoplait’s is also having a contest, because so it YoBaby.” You may want to correct that error before YoBaby’s people see you said Yoplait’s… that could disqualify you.

    We barely mentioned entering Keith a couple days ago when we saw it on the package in the fridge. Keith and Toby would be a rocking combo on the package. So, you just go to Picture People and get a free pic for the contest?

  5. That pic of Toby so says, “Buy your baby some YoBaby!”

    Go to and look some of the entries of the week on the left side. Only one or two I saw could compete with Toby and Keith.

  6. Many of the pics are cute, but the website says they “will be judged based on overall emotional stopping power and ability to capture the photographed child’s inner beauty and unique personality.”

    Jess got a good pic of Toby!

  7. that was me... and it's not yoplait... correction coming

  8. yobaby is owned & operated by yomama

  9. Ok I looked at the baby pictures for the yobaby contest. And Toby does not have much competition. I did see the most adorable asian baby, she had the biggest cheeks I had ever seen and little black pig tails. But Toby has them beat in the personality department!

  10. There is no competition...Good Grief....if anyone else gets it, it will be a fluke.....

    Did you get to pic what pic you put in the competition....Was it the pick you blooged?

    I hope so....he is such a doll baby.

    What a perfect pic of Toby...

    And you are right...he still looks like Bedste's little Tobias.

    Rock on R2....

    Brynn looks like she is staring in unbelief at her two brothers.

    They are so sweeet.

  11. That really is a great picture of Toby!

  12. I dunno 'bout 'no competition'. Honestly, there are some cute kids.

  13. Yep, LOTS of cute kids. The problem is the pics the parents sent in. If you go to the site and look at what has been submitted, a lot of them are the kid with a blank stare. The pics are judged by the "emotional stopping power." The parents could've a least sent pics of the kid smilling!

  14. I agree Josh. Those cuties without a smile & without showing some personality will probably be disqualified. At least Tobs is showing some enthusiasm for yogurt!

  15. So, does Toby really like yogurt???

    Or was he smiling because someone said, "icecream." ??????

    That might be important.


  16. Toby is very enthusiastic about all things food.


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