Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Where is my hairbrush?

Today my husband gleefully flew to Pennsylvania with our only debit card and our only hairbrush. These will come in handy on his trip, where all his meals are paid for and he has very little hair to brush.

So I gathered up my stir-crazy little brood and off we went to Target, where we bought 12 dollars of miscellaneous items from the dollar bins, and forgot to buy a hairbrush. Toby and I are looking quite emo with our tousled hair today... I'd take a picture, but he took the camera.
He's at a Youth Explosion.... gory, no? I wonder if people ever think about the way things sound. Youth Explosion. Ouch.
Tonight! X-treme Faith's Youth Dismemberment! Youth Implosion! Youth Armageddon!

Anyways. I also took all these children to McDonalds. Now I have to go make a credit card payment for 12 dollars + 7 dollars. And find my checkbook. Sheesh.


  1. LOL........Richy will appreciate the lack of hair comment.

    YOu are so funny.......

    Do you need your favorite MIL to find a gently used hairbrush for the Princess and the Prince.

    Just kidding.....Germs, old hair...

    Need a new one ya know my number

  2. Somebody que in Larry....

    "Oh, where is my hairbrush?".......

    "Why do you need a hairbrush you don't have any hair?"

  3. "No, hair, the thought had never occured to him, what would become of him? What would become of his hairbrush?"

  4. I was talking to him on the phone... I said, think about how much hair toby and I have compared to you... and he says, this is not my favorite subject

  5. What is this strange apparatus called “hairbrush” that you speak of? I’ve not heard of one of those.

  6. awww, poor Richy. I think you hurt his little feelings. Go to the dollar store get a hair brush leave the poor guy alone!

    You would think with as much hair as Matt and I shed one of us would be bald by now but no we seem to have a lot to spare because I am putting that swiffer sweeper to serious use in our bathroom!

  7. Everybody should bring Richy and Jess a hairbrush on Sunday.

    And someone should bring Richy and cucumber with a smiley face on it to remind him of Larry.

    just kidding

  8. My poor little bald baby....

  9. Here’s a sampling of conversation between Shannon and I for about the last week.

    I call her on my lunch break from work:
    Josh- “How are you doing?”
    Shannon- “I feel SO tired!” Or “I just feel exhausted!”

    Shortly after getting home from work:
    Josh- “How was your afternoon?”
    Shannon- “Good. . . I just feel so tired!” or “I just feel like sleeping!”

    Anyone have a guess at this sudden tired feeling for the last week?

  10. “and he says, this is not my favorite subject”

    Now that made me laugh.

  11. Shannon is:
    1) pregnant
    2) has iron poor blood (Geritol)
    3) not getting enough sleep
    4) just really tired
    5) all of the above

    Fess up Josh!

  12. Perhaps R2 should just shave his head & go au naturale! Oui?

  13. R2 is not the plobrem... it's R1. And the shave option is under discussion, currently. It's just that he happens to have a Viking head.

  14. ALSO- Brynn is now a roller-over. Barely.

  15. Nothin’ to spit out right now.

    Tests are scheduled to be run at the home laboratory tomorrow evening. Result to follow.

  16. sorry - i meant to say r1

    just tired

    very tired

    uh oh!

  17. what's a viking head???

    papa jc's head is a bulging bald head... his brains crowded the skull so much that it now protrudes out the back!

    no... when a young-un, his uncle that was 10 years older took him up to the top of a slide - a big one - and then, as they started sliding down TOGETHER... papa jc got ejected from the slide and fell on his head...

    and another time, his older brother hit him on the back of the head with a baseball bat!

    there have been several episodes with frying pans and rolling pins...

  18. i forgot to tell you that his uncle weighed approx 200 lbs at the time...

  19. ta daaaa!

    since someone mentioned they needed glasses...

  20. what is mama pc drinking in that photo?????


    snidely whiplash

  21. Hey Jennifer-
    if you read this, I need to get the nebulizer back from you... toby has a cough. Call to me.

  22. Viking Head=HUGE Round/oblong HEAD

    YippeeeSHANNON! LIL sisser might be on her way..

    Pam WHAT are you drinking?

    Chocolate Milk?

    My poor bald baby......

    I wonder who has more hair.

    Robert or Richard or CHUCK?


  23. Tobias got a cold? Alergies?

    Need his bedste?

    Poor Toby.....

  24. mpc, that picture's sort of haunted house

    let me send you a picture

  25. Happy you are so funny....MamaPC is drinking Ice Tea......she doesn't look like she is haunting anything..

    But I agree it does not reflect her inner most beauty.


  26. viking granny,

    you're not second, you were first and third, silly!

    and the blue thing makes her look a little bit haunted

  27. Jess,
    Matt is at home today, I called him he should be calling you soon and will drop the nebulizer off sometime today.

  28. i hope you peeps sanitize the nebulizer appropriately between patients...

    i am sure you do...


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