Friday, August 31, 2007

de plan

So my two week shopping trip experiment worked... although we ran out of bread and milk and a few other things around day 12... BUT! I discovered that I miss going to the store. I LIKE getting out of the house, and since we're trying not to eat out as much, that is my primary outing purpose.

So, today I am going to the lovely and gracious Wal-Mart... and I will be shopping for approximately 1 week of food. Also discovered: I am quite ambitious when thinking about meal preparation, but in actuality me and the small gents eat a lot of PBJ's. And leftovers. And we ate out several times.

The plan: make a reasonable estimate of out-to-eat expenses... like fast food once?? or maybe twice a week- and then Sunday lunch out. I have to make a plan that we can stick to or it will go the way of all my other good intentions. Straight to heck. And then make meal plans for home that work... and don't stress me out.

Submit your questions for Ms. Smartypants today through Sunday. She will answer as many or as few as she darn well pleases. But she likes having a column. So go ahead, give it a shot!

Quite the boring house-wifey blog today. But you are what you eat. Or something.


  1. Dear Ms Smartypants,
    Why is it that "some" people believe that it is boring to be a housewife or stay-at-home mother? I believe it is anything but boring!

    i'm anon too

  2. I took a vacation day today, for a four day weekend. We're heading to the in-laws this afternoon.

    A couple hours ago, Keith had a poo diaper that I changed. Seeing the multiple green and orange lumps in it I asked Shannon if he was eating crayons. Yet, had a mouth full of orange and green yesterday. She had to brush his teeth to get some of it out. Their was a LOT of color in his diaper.

  3. Ya know, the description of the contents of a diaper is not exactly what I wanted to read.

  4. Too much info!


  5. at one church position john had, we got a monthly food allowance... where they allowed us a monthly "account" at the local BOX (a store kinda like walmart where you packaged everything up yourself in sacks, no bags)

    we also had an account at a meat market... the monthly total amount was a reasonable amount... but it was for EVERHTING we would need for the month, so it was kinda scary shopping like that. Cleaning products, paper goods, over-the-counter meds, diapers, foods, snacks, etc.

    i felt like i needed to shop all at one time for the whole amount for some reason. so, i would shop for a month! i took my sister-in-law with me - and leave the kids with john. it took about 1.5 hours to get it all.... but, man did i have a lot of food in the pantry!!! then, we'd go to the meat market another day and buy about $100/worth of meats for hte month - oh and produce every two weeks.....

    i don't shop any more. rarely...

    john does

    i don't like the responsibility

  6. i don't cook eithah

    john just brought me a bowl of soup

    vegetable beef

    with crackers

    and he's heating up his own bowl too

    ~~~that's what i'm talking about

  7. oh, today was my last day on my job where i had to take call so often.....

    starting next Tuesday i'll begin my new position as Quality Analyst!

    i have a huge office and i'll be trained to audit charts, analyze data...make reports to ensure quality at our hospital in a certain area... a specialty area... to be decided....

    the people there seem very nice

    but i shall miss the people i work with now.... but, it won't be too bad... i can go see them any time i have the time... and we've developed good friendships....

    good night!!!

  8. where ARE all you people???

    any baby ruby yet?

    i just checked back in - and no one is home in here....

    i just realized it might sound like i don't cook at all. i do cook. just not like i used to...

    when my kids were young until high school we ate dinner together every night at home. it was rare if anyone was missing. and we endeavored to hold hands and pray and bless the food each night as well... and you know how that goes... usually linds or j didn't want to touch the other one's hands... linds went through about 5 years of not wanting to touch anyone else's hands... then, j started through that stage.....

    anyway, i thank God for the years we had when we were all home together.... and i miss my children and our family times so much....

    i have announced that tomorrow morning we will have a Christmas Brunch at our home... at 10 a.m.

    yes, i'm hoping they'll all be here...

  9. (sigh)

    Mrs. Darcy
    Mrs. Darcy
    Mrs. Darcy

    best movie EVER


  10. I agreeeeee!

    Mr. Darcy is dreamy....

    and it takes them so long to get there acts together....

    and when they do........ is so sweet.....

    When he smiles.....o my goodness..

    he is the most adorable man in the universe....but you have to wait almost the entire movie to see his beautiful face smile...

    When he is uncomfortable .....and trying to tell Elizabeth how he the rain before she bashes ...he is so cute..

    He is such a "hottie"......he really is.....Mr.Darcy Mr.Darcy.

    Fitzwilliam Darcy. A man truely in touch with his feelings.

    I heard that the original movie was better than this one, so I watched it at Robs and Stephs....


    Mr. Darcy is perfect in this one.

    You are right there with him when he tells her how he feels from the bottom of his heart....

    Your heart breaks for him when you see all the pain in his darling little face.....

    When he walks through the morning dew...all unbottoned and not properly dressed with his coat blowing in the wind with each step.

    He never walked before....and all of a sudden he is walking....and finding Elizabeth....and there she is.

    O my goodness......

    My favorite part of this movie is of course the end when they are asking eachother what they will be calling eachother when they are cross and he says Mrs Darcy and she says that she only wants to be called Mrs. Darcy when he is deeply in love with her......

    O such a romantic movie.....

    but the second most favorite part is when she is standing in her room at her aunts house alone.....and she is thinking about him......and she stands there all day long.....into the night.....and at some point he barges in......says a few deeply felt words .....and is off.....before she even realizes that he is there.

    They cast the perfect people for every role in this movie.

    This is the best movie ever made ..

    I can't wait to see "Jane"

  11. Dear Ms. Smartypants,

    When you have an entire house to clean....and every room is upside down....where do you start?

    Is it better to clean one room at a time or do all the windows...all the walls.....all the floors..
    all the boxes gone through.....

    or start with the attic and work my way down?


    Where do I begin.?

  12. well, vkg

    i guess i don't need to watch the mvoie nowwww

    what was the title of it, by the way

  13. from THIS s.p. -

    you start with the smallest space

    then, when it's taken 4 hours to make it sparkle...

    you pat yourself on the back - and tell yourself the rest of the house can wait til next weekend

  14. Mama PC
    Pride and Prejudice
    and seriously... it's the most romantic movie. I have watched it a lot of times.... it is SO good.

  15. Any book by Jane Austin is good. And most of her books that have been made into movies are good. Jane Eyre is one of my favs. Pride & Prejudice. Emma. Wow! All fantastic!

    And now there is a movie currently at the theatre about Jane. I am not sure of the title - it might be "Becoming Jane" or "Being Jane" or "Jane". Anyway I've heard that it is wonderful.

    i'm anon too

  16. ok anon

    i need to find out who you bee

    animal vegetable or mineral...

    give us some clues!!!!!


  17. jess - thankx for info about P & P

    i don't know why i have never watched it

    i guess haven't had time

    one day.... if there's time....

    right now we're cleaning and cleaning and cleaning

    oh, news on our side

    we have a niece (of John's) who will be moving in with us! calm down guys... she's older... she's over 30... she'll be arriving Monday morning

    prayers would be appreciated


  18. Mama PC.......I will bring you my copy of Pride and Prejudice tomorrow at Church.

    I will leave it in my car and tell you that I have it in my car. Then I will leave Church and ride around Conroe with it in my car. Sunday I will tell you not to leave without the movie..and then I will go and sit on the other side of the church and leave without finding you.

    If you and I happen to see eachother when I have the movie in my actual hand then you can actually borrow it and watch it....
    over and over and over......and keep it for a month.


    It is the best movie ever.....and it is so full of details....that even if I blogged about 2 or 3 more would still not spoil it for you....

    it is fantastic.


  19. dear ms smarty pantelones!
    how many adults does it take to keep a toddler sitting quiet in a library? please be specific....

  20. Beth C- ONE

    Go during Toddler story time when it does not matter.

    I used to take 6 kids under 5 for story time.....Mercy Madi Wesley Emily and two of Deanna Winslette's two kids....Dad GUMMIT

    We called the baby Chubles because he was so cute and chubby.

    His little Red headed big brother we simply called red..

    and their big sister Kirsten (pronounced kerrstin)

    That was was

    Bettyann and I used to take all of them to Target in my old huge blue boat. I cannot remember what kind of car it was but it was the car that I later gave to Rob and Stef.

    She needed to get her Target Clearance section fix and was it was a win win.

    She would take my grandkids and either Wes or Em and I would take the other three....

    We would get two of the sampler breakfast from Target Deli and split everything 8 ways and all would have pleanty.....Weird.

    That was every Tuesday Morning when the new Clearance would come out.

    All my Christmas shopping was done all year long....

    so when November rolled around..

    I could dig through my stash and make a list of who was shorted...
    and then focus on that list til December 24th.

    Life was so much simpler...waaaay back then....

    Story time I did alone...They used to have a cardboard school the childrens "reading" section.

    Wesley always had to be the driver.

    it was exausting but fun getting all of them out of the house..
    and then rush home to catch the kindergarten bus at noon or excapes me....I have slept since then.

    Before that...I would take Richy and Bobby and Chuck to story time when the Mont Co library was in Down town Conroe. Davis and San Jacinto ......

    They had the Children dept behind Glass doors so when Baby Chuck got restless,,,,,I could step out and Bobby and Richy could still see their mommy.

  21. Kirsten would be at kindergarten all morning....When the bus dropped her off, it was lunch time and "nap" time for how ever long they could all at least rest.....and then the games were back on.....

    Caring for Children is fun but exausting....You have to be young and full of energy or old and tired and take them one at a time and let them sleep in as long as they can while you type on the computer. I think Tobias is used to hearing the tapping of the keyboard. He probably finds it soothing and comforting...

  22. mineral

    i'm anon too

  23. Dear Ms Smartypants,
    Why is Napoleon Dynamite so endearing?

    i'm anon too

  24. Happy Labor day.....

    Wednesday is September 5th and my predicted ETA of Ruby that will be the real labor day!

  25. and September 5th is Bobby's 2_th Bday (I was in labor that year)

    and happy Labor Day to all

  26. WOW.....Sept 3rd is Patience.....
    and Sept 5th is GRANT.........

    And RUBY JOY Joy Joy

    I actually have been getting a lot of mail adressed to Eva Joy Joy

    Isn't that funny?

  27. Father God HEAL MamaPC

    Touch her and heal her from top to bottom .

    Thank YOU Abba Daddy Father God!


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