Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Last night was the final Radrev meeting... I haven't gone much for the last few months- just a lot of work with three kids close to bedtime- but I went last night. It was good. It was a quiet end to a chapter. And like all ends, there's some sadness there. But it is a beginning, too. More about that in a week or so.

Today is August 29th. We move into a tiny little apartment across from Simplify on October 1st.
So I am supposed to be ridding us of all these many belongings... sheesh. My brain is just blowing gaskets.
The garage is still full of boxes from when we moved in here a year ago.

And yeah, if it's been in the garage for a year, we probably don't need it. But it still has to be gone through and sorted into keep or donate or sell or trash or whatever. (**boom! sputter! crackle**!)

Where to start? There's spiders! And it's hot!! (**crash**)


  1. where is everyone?

  2. frist

    i'm anon too

  3. Hiding behind the lockers,

    I understand about small apartments and 3 children, and you have babies so that is a lot of extra stuff. You are going to have to get creative with your storage!

  4. I'll take all your stuff off your load for $50.

    What a deal... ah?


    does it bother anyone else NOT to know who is writing in here????

    i'M curious!!!!!!

  6. yep,
    not knowing who the anonymous one is, is bothering.

    & makes me sigh.

    & is a little frustrating.

    they are getting satisfaction & pleasant times knowing who we are.. yet don't think of others' desires to relate with a certain person.

    What kind of comment is 'where is everyone?' from them.. hmm, kind of like, 'please come & talk to me, the unknown.. doesn't it sound fun?.. because I enjoy talking to others'


    : O

  7. Wow, Jess, that sounds rough!!

    We're in the opposite right now.. in a tiny place & I'm spending tons of time looking for a bigger rental home, another room, bigger kitchen (so we don't have a standalone dishwasher sitting in our tiny dining area with our table) and a fenced yard (here we have a narrow one with a ravine.. ya no letting our son run out there without handholding!) We have lots of boxes & baby items stacked in our own bedroom, at least it was bigger to be able to hold it!

    Hope you can get through all your stuff in a month. Maybe stay an extra month if they'll let you to have more time to sort. I hope Richy will be able to help some.

    ugg, spiders, what a bummer!
    I'm constantly watching for webs on our entryway.. it's a daily task.. just as these spiders have an almost daily task of new creative places to build them!! I want them all gone!

  8. Click here for a funny video of the results of impatience. Caught by a guy just videoing his friends.

  9. the guy videoing, his laughing at the end is funny!

  10. the guy videoing, his laughing at the end is funny!

  11. hi shannon

    hi jess!

    make a plan to do one thing at a time.... and then just DO it....

    or, your plan can include 10 things.... but, the first part of the plan - to get started... is to do ONE THING....

    now, if you're like me.... i make a plan... but somehow i seem to not be able to start at the beginning... but jump to #3 or #6... but at least I'm getting SOMETHING accomplished....

    so, along with feeding babies,toddlers,kids...along with doing 174 items of clothing....along with cleaning toilets and wiping bottoms and noses....along with keeping hubby satisfied....along with reading good books....make that list and at least one box will get sifted through....

    oh, and schedule someone else to be involved that is going to come PICK UP your castaways... and that will get the move on.... it helps to have a dead-line....and if you cannot keep your own deadlines, get another person involved....

    advice from sage house-keeper from Texas

  12. O my goodness Shannon.........

    The Granny and the Air bag are fantastic............that guy was so impatient...

    Did you listen to the Bedtime song?

    That is so perfect.......

    On the same page with the Granny is the Bedtime song....

    O my goodness it is so SWEET.......

  13. it will also help if you will list the items that are in the box on the later you do not have to dig through all the boxes to find Brynn's binkie........etc.

    NONE of Jess's kids ever get hooked on such things..

    What if you need to find Toby's extra pair of drumsticks......

  14. Shannon .......

    can you email me the granny and the air bag

    and in a seperate me the bedtime song?

    I would really like to email those out to all my peeps but I do not know how to do that.....


  15. I don't mind anonimis... unless they're hostile. We have nice friendly anonimis around here.

  16. yes, indeed! i am quite friendly!

    i'm anon too

  17. Eva,
    I emailed them to you. : )

    for your future:
    If you copy & paste the website link into an e-mail, then with the cursor just after it, click the 'enter' key, it enables people to click on it. You can tell because it changes the color & underlines it. : ) pretty neat


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