Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Don't wanna close my eyes....


Check out a track from the new CD... due in October!

So we've been working on the big boy bed for several days now. Here's how it's going.

Night 1: Never touches the bed. Wailing and gate-rattling and gnashing of teeth until around midnight, when we check on him and find this:

Night 2: A little wailing and such, then quiet. We check, he's got big bags under his eyes, listlessly playing the drums with a shoe. Panic ensues. I put him in my bed. Party time. I put him back in his bed. Panic. And around 1, Richy checks on him and he fell asleep sitting up, so he is laying on his back with legs hanging off the crib.

Night 3: Less wailing, just playing and harassing his brother. I check on him (are you seeing a pattern here?) and he freaks so I go lay in his bed with him. Party time. So I bail and leave my pillow, and 30 minutes later or so... midnight-ish, he is asleep in the bed, laying down. WAHOO!

Last night: not much whining. 9:20 all is quiet. He is asleep on the floor with R2's Spiderman blanket over his face. R2 is wide awake with no blanket. So there you go.

Currently: we're embroiled in a standoff at the baby gate. He has presented his request to forgo his nap in favor of taking knobs off all of Daddy's studio gear. I have rebutted with the request, repeatedly, that he go night-night.

I'm not sure if Brynn is cute. What do you think?


  1. Ok people I need your creative minds, everybody put on there thinking caps, I am working on a business name for myself. I need to order business cards. I just started so the list so far is short. Now I have done this before, and a friend made cards and flyers for me and she named it Homemade Goodness. Which is ok but I am not sure it is the permanent name I want to use. So here is your background info, I bake desserts, mostly pies, cheesecakes, bundt cakes, and specialty stuff. I want a business name and a tag line. Like Homemade Goodness... Memories you can eat. So give me your best shot the winner gets a pie or dessert of there choice free!

  2. This requires a call for Super Nanny!

  3. Pies & More by Jennifer

  4. Pie in the Sky Goodness

  5. No Pie in the Sky, there is already one of those in Conroe.

  6. Pies R Us
    Pies Be Me
    Desserts by Jennifer
    Heavenly Desserts

  7. I like Sweet Surrender, I will put that on my highly possible list. What would be a good tag line for Sweet Surrender?

  8. Should in be "Sweets Surrender"?

  9. How about the business name

    Minute On The Lips

  10. I dig the new song


    Brynn is very cute

  11. I don't think so the first thing I thought of is something we use to say when dieting, "a minute on the lips equals a life time on your hips"

  12. I still like Lucy in the sky with pie. So cool.

  13. Yes that one is good to, but there is a Pie in the Sky in Conroe, and because the song Lucy in the Sky was about LSD I would hate for any one to think I sale "special brownies" if you know what I mean.

  14. Allthough I have always been a beetles fan!

  15. Another benefit of Sweet Surrender is that it's lyrics from that Aerosmith song Matt dedicated to you at Weddingstock... AND a Radiant song.

  16. LOVE the track...the boys do too! We played it and danced till they fainted and grew weary! It was fun!

    You are so patient...not sure what I will do when Lucas starts to escape from the crib. Based on his brothers, it should be anytime now.

    And Brynn IS SOOO cute! That is a great picture!

  17. I didn't think about that it is in the lyrics. Thats cool I like that.

  18. lucy in the sky was actually written before lsd was in full swing in the 60's

    one version of how the song was written:
    john lennon's 5 yr old son, sean, drew a picture in school
    paul mc asked sean about the picture
    sean said the girl in the picture was lucy from school & she was wearing diamonds
    sweet story

    but ppl will believe what they want to

    i prefer the above story - i like to think the best about people
    i guess i'm just a pollyanna at heart

    by the way: it's beatles not beetles

    i'm anon too

  19. i think baby brynn is a cute baby

    does she look anything like jess' baby pictures?

    i'm anon too

  20. & since most ppl will believe the lsd - they will think you bake very "special" goodies

    so i'd stay away from lucy in the sky pies

    sorry jess

  21. i do however like the pies be me thing

    kinda funny

  22. Bye Bye Mrs American Pie...

    our pies disappear before your eyes!

  23. Truely Scrumptuous

    (jess, how did they spell that word?)

  24. this chicken dance needs some creative choreography.... at least alternate the waves, girls, at least alternate the waves....

    any new clark babies???

  25. jess.... that baby girl of yours is just plain delectable....

    "delectable delicacies and such"

    ... you can't live without 'em

  26. Sweet Surrender

    Just give in and enjoy!


    Too Delicious to put up a fight!


    No Defense will hold up!


    Hmmm.. Uh OH! time to go.....

  27. what an awesome photographer you must have.......Brynn's personality and her beauty are captured in this photo.

    Look at her little clutched up hands and feet....and her sweet little face wanting to giggle..

    and her blue blue eyes....

    What a wonderful child

  28. It is so weird not having RadREV anymore....and not hearing Brother Richard Clark preaching on a regular basis.

    A tad bit sad...

    But....there is so much excitement and anticipation involved with
    "the announcement" and the future that it far out weighs the sadness.

    So much joy in what God has in store.....

    This is a very exciting time to be alive.

  29. or.........

    Sweet Surrender........

    Just do it......EAT IT ALL!

  30. Sweeeeeet Surrender......

    JUST DO IT.....eat the whole thing!


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