Thursday, March 11, 2010

on this being Thursday, and race

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In theory, I try to have fresh hot blog commentary for you 5 days a week. Most weeks, I either skip a day or two, or phone it in... sometimes what I have to say is not really ready to be said, and sometimes my brain is too tired for a series of complete sentences.

Today, directly before finishing the last sentence, I was preparing to send you off to Ms. Smartypants for a weekend full of general inquiries of an amusing nature. THEN, the bus came and I realized it was Thursday, not Friday. So I will save Dame Smarty for tomorrow.

If you have ZERO idea what I am talking about, do some research. It will come in handy tomorrow, which is the real Friday.

Part of why I am having a hard time talking is I am forming thoughts... I am studying and learning so much right now, about adoption, and race and racism. I'm studying like we are definitely getting a minority baby, when the reality is, we might not. (but I think we will) If we do, I need to be prepared.

Being black in America is not the same as being white, even if you're raised in a white family. And being a different race matters. It's not right or helpful to be "colorblind". I'm reading a really fascinating book right now called Black Baby White Hands written by a black adoptee raised in a white family in the late 60s and 70s. It's not totally easy to read, because I'd like to believe love is enough, but it is valuable to read and try to see from a different perspective.

It's deep, though, thinking about this stuff. Sometimes I don't know what I think or how I feel and so I just don't talk about it, or write about it. That's when it gets quiet around here. So there you go.

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