Monday, March 8, 2010

i have drums in my brain

The first thing is, look at this fundraising ticker over on the left. That is amazing. MAN, I just LOVE faith. Seriously. When you hit on something that's in the heart of God and the momentum just carries you. I have to step up my game and finish paperwork, because financially we are almost ready to turn this application in! I'm still waiting on some stuff to come from Texas, but wow... I am excited. Thus the all caps. We still have lots to raise, so feel free to click and donate.
In the same vein, of faith and being surprised by God, Radiant's drummer and his family are in town this week, recording and looking for a place to live when they move to KC in a couple of months. Out of nowhere, our neighbor offers the information that they're moving, and then their house is really perfect. It just seems like a crazy God-thing, and I will be surprised if they don't get it. ACROSS THE STREET. Amazing.

This might have also been the best week of Toby's life, since his friend Noah is living in his house... they play constantly. If they get that house, I think both of their lives will be complete.

You might be like, why so little blogging? It's a little hard to think these days, what with the rock and roll at all hours.


  1. So cool! That works out perfectly!

  2. u people are crazy.. nap time shmap time :)


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