Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No, I MEAN he will freak out

Took R2 to the doctor today... well, to be precise, I took him to a nurse practitioner for his post-op appointment. I knew going in that he was probably going to be stressed out, so we practiced yesterday and today. I would check his ears and then tell him to open his mouth like a lion, and it became kind of a joke to him, so it was going well.

He was a little nervous at the appointment, but still poking me and kinda teasing. Everything went fine until she had to check his mouth. He opened it a tiny bit but totally refused to do more. I warned her that if she had to use the tongue depressor, he would freak out. I think maybe she didn't really hear that part, or had a hard time believing that this small, pleasant little guy would have any real issues. So eventually, she did have to break out the stick and then, he did what he does. Which is, totally spazz out. I've talked before about what that looks like, so I'll skip it. Suffice it to say the nursing staff was alarmed and I worked hard to keep him from self-injury and to keep my own eardrums intact. For a long, long time.

We ended up leaving early, planning to reschedule a hearing test for another day. It was exhausting and embarassing and so frustrating. On the positive side, he appears to have healed nicely from the tonsillectomy.

I drove home near tears, and ended up putting a call into the neurologist - asking if they have sedatives for kids or some such. We're seeing him next month and I want to get happy juice for R2 that I can just squirt in his mouth right at the beginning of a fit and *zzzzzapp*. That might be wishful thinking... we'll see.

Now, several hours, and a large Coke and fries later, I am better.

Plus, I watched a youtube video that greatly helped my life.


  1. i'm sorry pal. love you.

    oh and

    open your mouth like a lion...
    that is BRILLIANT! :)

  2. Jess, God bless you. That video helped my life a lot too. I really needed that, exactly right now.

    Also, i think you should have a talk with nurse practitioners who think they know what 'freak out' means but really don't. Good grief. And i'm sorry for your emotionally exhausting day. You're a really good mother. I hope you know that.

  3. oh my! that uTube! where in the world! and how did you find that one? so STRANGE! is there some story behind that song? or that MAN!???

    i'M SORRY about your day with that NP. i really dislike "know-it-all" nurses.... the MOTHER is always right! yes, she is and yes, you are. next time, stick a stick in HER mouth!

    yore RN friend

  4. that poor NP... she was so traumatized and kept peeking her head in the door asking if she could do anything... I think she will probably listen a little closer in the future.

    And the guy- I looked it up yesterday- he was on a Russian TV show in the early 70's. The song was about an American cowboy but the lyrics wouldn't pass the Cold War censor guys, so he ended up just singing sounds to the melody. He forgot about it- he's 75 now and heard his grandson singing the song- and that's how he found out he's a Youtube sensation


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