Tuesday, March 30, 2010

adopting- the mini-update

Some of you, I know, are wondering what's happening with our adoption. If you're like me, anytime somebody just stops talking about something, I get all OH NOes and wait for the bad news. Oh, you're not like that? Well, Pollyanna, sometimes bad stuff happens and you have to get out there in the snow and pull yourself up by your bootstraps and sweat a little blood.

Are you nervous now? Snicker. What a Nancy. There's no bad news! Very little news at all! We're waiting on Evan's death certificate- I guess they have to make sure that our children who died didn't die of mysterious circumstances or something... so we ordered that from Texas and I just realized it should have been here 2 weeks ago, so I buzzed and hopefully it's on its way. (Look at the it's its there- masterful) Also, the FBI rejected Hannah's mutant fingerprints and so she will have to do those again.

I went through all the paperwork this morning and figured out that all we are really waiting on are those 2 things, and then money. We have about 1400 in the adoption account, so we need another 350 to finish this step, and then we'll start the home study part.

All of this part kind of feels like the ascent on a rollercoaster. We're crickity-crickiting up the slope, and then there will be a pause, and then WOOOOSH. At least, that's the way adoption seems to work in our IHOP community here in KC.

It's daunting, thinking about what it's going to cost. You know what though? I know it will work. I don't know how, I just know. Isn't this exciting?

If you want to donate to our adoption fund, that sounds pretty good to us! The link is over on the top left sidebar.

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  1. the FBI recently rejected my fingerprints as well! either Hannah and I are BOTH mutants, or the FBI has been getting kind of picky.


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