Wednesday, March 10, 2010

how i will get famous

This house has a fantastic sunroom. It is large with tile floors, and windows all around. I love it a LOT. The only problem is, it has a lot of problems. Like, for example, it was built by a drunk man during an earthquake. Only possible explanation. The hard tile floors were evidently built on a soft surface, so the floor gives.... but the tile, not so flexible. Every windowsill is leaning sharply to the right, and one of the windows is a large random rectangle of paneless Plexiglass. The trim above the sliding glass door has been a source of merriment on many house tours. I posted a little about it back when we moved in. The other major problem is that it is large, with tile floors and lots of windows. Therefore, it is very, very difficult to heat.

Last summer, it had its heyday as a sort of second living room, where we held homegroups and visited late into the night, discussing Babylon or what have you. It was a glorious haven until the first freeze, when we dumped it like a junior high Christian school banquet date.

This week it got a new lease on life when the band came to record the new CD in the basement, and a 4 year old and two 3 year olds, while vastly entertaining, were quite a bit of background noise. We mommies and our offspring were banished to the sunroom, which became the playroom. They killed it. I mean, they broke out the toys with a vengeance, and they kept the awkwardly leaning French doors in action going in and back outside pretty constantly. It worked really, really well in that capacity, proving itself basically soundproof. It's currently still in the post-celebration mode, and I am going to have to go through and do some demolition and toy-corralling to get it CPS worthy.

I therefore deemed it then and evermore the playroom, to be celebrated by miniature folk and their many, many, many toys, from here until forever, amen. I posed it delicately to the MOG, as he is the Toy Gestapo, and I expected to have to fight for it (in a pleasant and submissive manner) but he was all for it, assuming that we buy overpriced toy containers directly from the store, that have not been pre-owned. He has no respect for my art of thrifting. Still, it will be nice to have a fancy real toy box that we can dent and color on ourselves, instead of inheriting the damage. I hope to make it really cute and organized and then I will submit it to Better Homes and Gardens and maybe get a book contract.

Is this really worth an entire blog post? Well, no. But it's got a couple of good lines and at least I wrote something. Don't juuuudge.


  1. that's fantastic!!!! i really dig your hair!!! its very pretty!!!

  2. your post made me laugh - out loud.

    and really, i assume the purpose of your posts is to move ME.

    so, success!

    can't wait to see your spread in bh&g! =D

  3. What a beautiful room. I love the drunk man in an earthquake remark. Great break of laughing in a tough day as prophetic department head.-G


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