Thursday, July 9, 2009

couple beers short...

You might have heard me mention that this house has its quirks. Lemme tell you some. Obviously, you are hard up for some entertainment, lurking around here.

First, in the living room, there is a woodburning stove. Not so quirky, more like totally rad. We don't know if it works, since the landlord never tried it, and of course the Bachelors (previous residents) only used it to hold beer cans or something, or maybe to pee on, since they evidently peed on lots of things around here. (isn't that quirky?) (disclaimer: a bachelor really did pee on stuff, but the landlord cleaned it all thoroughly before we moved in. at least, we think it's all clean)

Another quirk: my stove is about 75 degrees wrong. Lucky for me, I'm good at math. (snort) It took incinerating cookies at about three different temps before I could gauge how off it was.

Oh, and there are TWO switches in the kitchen. Both operate the light and the garbage disposal, simultaneously.

And then there is the randomness. Somebody thrifty lived here once. The crown molding and chair rails are all the same color. So that is good. Now as to whether they are the same size, or the same design from one wall to another, come on. Nit.pick.y.

In my room, one of my windowsills is marble. That's the fancy one. On a different window, one side has a very ornate wooden trim running down one side, and one side only. Quirky.

The sunroom is pure quirk built in a drunken seizure of a man deeply in love with his wife. It is cheery, it is a huge, happy room, and it is a funhouse. Every windowsill starts out right and then things just get, well, quirky.

Let me also clear up any misunderstandings. I love this house. I just walk around geeking out all the time about how great it is, and how much I love it. I mean, I'm a little quirky my own self....

sliding door into sunroom


  1. i am too curious to see it all now

  2. So, let me get this straight. Your kitchen light can not be on without the garbage disposal being on? Is this the main kitchen light?

    This house is rich.

  3. no, it's the light over the sink. Still, very entertaining.

  4. This is still funny.

    My gripe with our kitchen is that the main light and the light over sink are on the same switch. Sometimes you don't need to big main light and want just the small one. I could rewire it, but I have 20 other things more important.


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